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    Traditional Shaving Tattoo

    Thread Starter: Armacham

    Greetings! I've been looking at getting my first tattoo. I'm a big fan of both traditional shaving and traditional tattoos. I'm looking for ideas. As shown in my example above I'm looking for something in the sailor jerry style. I'm just wondering if anyone here has anything along this theme...

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    Thanksgiving Day - Texas Football PIF

    Thread Starter: Ivanhoe64

    I have a 9 ounce bottle of the Family Dollar equivalent of Brut. I've used about half, and I'd be happy to give the other half away. I could just see who is interested and pick a name at random, or I could make it interesting. Let's make it interesting. Here in the Lone Star State, it...

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    My Growing Shave Den - Razor Acquirement Disorder

    Thread Starter: Samurai-Ray

    Hello All, I was fortunate to get some new shave gear in today and placed it up in my shave den shelves. HEY... I am running out of room already. What is it called... "Razor Acquirement Disorder"? Here is my shave den after just a few months of DE / Wet Shaving. So do I have it bad? ...

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    First new straight.

    Thread Starter: Justin101

    Hey everyone I'm in the market for my first new razor.. all mine are vintage. I want an extra hollow or "singing" blade that's elegant and is a well known all around great blade.. maybe gold washed? I was thinking a theirs isaard is there a difference between $100 blade or a $200 blade? Is it just...

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    Any Runners in the House?

    Thread Starter: thaudout

    I've never really been a big fan of running, but decided to get back into it about a year ago....albeit more for fitness and weight loss than as a hobby, but it has since become a hobby. I get bored without a goal, so have decided to do some 5k and 10k's this year. Ultimately, I think I'd like to...

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    Recommendations for a lather bowl

    Thread Starter: Goku9000

    Hey gents. I have been face lathering exclusively and would like to give bowl lathering a try. I would just use a coffee mug but they are too small. Any recommendations? Lather ridges and depth are a plus in my opinion. Thanks!

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    The all inclusive list of shaving myths

    Thread Starter: luvmysuper

    Herein I submit, according to my own observation and not based on any scientific method, my personal opinion on the most common shaving myths. YMMV, so if you read this and don't agree - that's your option. You don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you! 1. The Tech is a...

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    Porgy Tirebiter

    Nfl 2015

    Thread Starter: Porgy Tirebiter

    I may as well start this and get it over with right now... The NFL season is about to start and already my Redskins are doing everything possible to bloody kill me. RGIII is left in a meaningless pre-season game far too long, and ends up getting a concussion. Way to go, O-Line. And this time I...

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    Claudel Xerxes

    Nib PIF (Noob Trio)

    Thread Starter: Claudel Xerxes

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies and Gents! This wasn't meant to be a Thanksgiving PIF, but I figured no time is better than the present. I have a trio of fountain pens to PIF. The first pen is a Jinhao 750X. This pen was acquired from a PIF. It is a reasonable pen that lays down a fairly thick...

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    Is bbs a myth

    Thread Starter: Miller

    hi all, just wondered what your thoughts were on bbs? Is it really achievable? Dfs every time for me, I personally think bbs is some sort of nirvana!! Let's hear ur thoughts

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