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    Foods That You Despise

    Thread Starter: DoctorShavegood

    There's a lot of foods that we like. So much so we post pictures of them here in the Mess Hall...to which I'm extremely guilty. But what about foods that you don't like? It could be a meat, sauce, spice, veggie or herb. What food do you despise? Why?

    Last Post By: cleanshaved Today, 12:52 AM Go to last post

    Omega Pro 48

    Thread Starter: himmelstrider

    So, I have been using this brush for two weeks now and I feel like I should say something about it - maybe new users, or potential buyers will find it useful. I have bought this brush as Proraso Professional SB. It has a chromed ABS handle. First thing you will notice is the enormous size of...

    Last Post By: noahpictures Today, 12:51 AM Go to last post

    Shavemac silvertip D01 two or three band?

    Thread Starter: big70tom

    Can someone break down the differences between the 2,band and 3 band please. I'm ordering a brush from Rudy Vey and need to figure this part out

    Last Post By: bosseb Today, 12:48 AM Go to last post
    August West

    This Day In History

    Thread Starter: August West

    I thought it might be interesting to start a 'This Day In History" thread on B&B. On this day in history, June 2, 1975, the first recorded June snowfall in London, England. Feel free to add, comment, and/or post tomorrow another unique event in the B&B "This Day In History" thread.

    Last Post By: Eeyore Today, 12:47 AM Go to last post

    Quest for glass bottles

    Thread Starter: Monkeyboy

    I've recently been on a mission to decant all my aftershaves into glass/vintage bottles. This is what spurred it, I bought a couple of 150ml bottles of the Indian made Schulton Old Spice (supposedly the most accurate to the original scent). Though the bottle is glass it comes with an annoying...

    Last Post By: khun_diddy Today, 12:43 AM Go to last post

    pre-shave oil suggestions

    Thread Starter: bepoq

    hi gents, So I was never very impressed by pre-shave oil, having only used AOS's. Then a fellow Irish musician who runs a small company specialising in products for beards, called Beardsley, gave me some of their beard oil, a considerably lighter oil, and I tried that instead. Wonder of wonders,...

    Last Post By: Brian Chewing Gum Head Today, 12:39 AM Go to last post

    Journey to The One: Anyone have just one brush?

    Thread Starter: patten1969

    Have you arrived? Have you found your perfect brush? This is not a "My first brush" thread. Have you tried several, or dozens, before getting rid of all but THE brush? I have not. Just when I think I'm close, I get something new. I got down to four (Chief, Omega 49, Kent BB LE 2009, TGN 22mm finest...

    Last Post By: IMightBeWrong Today, 12:38 AM Go to last post

    You are forced to thin your soap herd to 3...which ones?

    Thread Starter: gwav64

    Let's just assume by either natural or man-made mandates, you must reduce your shaving soap herd down to 3 soaps only for life...which ones make the cut? And why? For me, it's: MWF: love the scent, lather, and how it makes my face feel after the shave. Arko stick: like the scent, quick...

    Last Post By: phenox Today, 12:34 AM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Ara72

    Good evening all, Just received my first order of speick shave stick and aftershave splash. I had my first speick shave a few hours ago and ... WOW... What an amazing product. The shave stick was extremely slick, not to mention it had amazing scent. The aftershave was incredibly...

    Last Post By: muskus Today, 12:31 AM Go to last post

    The Quarter Turn - Gillette TTO's

    Thread Starter: Armiger

    I am still somewhat new on B&B and just this week learned yet once again why this site is a wealth of knowledge. I experienced over the last months several occasions when I could not figure out why all of a sudden my shave was going down hill - nicks during my shave outside the norm and a...

    Last Post By: santamariasteve Today, 12:29 AM Go to last post
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