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    Apache Strata

    Thread Starter: Bayamontate

    I've been playing around with these hones for about two weeks now and find them to be excellent. I've been looking for a simple and quick progression where I didn't have to create slurry and get from one stone to another seamlessly. Japanese natural honing is on average a one hour per razor...

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    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Thread Starter: guYom

    Rapira (1)

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    OCtober 2014

    Thread Starter: Shutterbug57

    Last year we had fun with open combs in October, so let's do it again this year. We have 1 month til the kickoff, so if you don't have an OC, or you want more OC's, you have time to act. Last year garyg shaved with 29 different OC razors and several of us got in 31 shaves. You can review last...

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    Uhhhh, what the hell have I done! 100 Feather order!

    Thread Starter: Inverted

    Feather was like the blade that got away. Harsh, left me cut and irritated, then ran off into the night. So intrigued, so many questions... Everyone else seems to like her, why was she so bad to me on our first date? I kept crawling back after taking breaks to see other blades, but there was always...

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    Tabac is amazing

    Thread Starter: golfhacker

    I've been wet shaving for about 10 years now. I have used a zillion soaps because I have allergies to most of them. I am in the process of trying to find a new soap that is both good and tha I am not allergic to. Hence, and I am embarrassed to admit it, I have recently used Tabac for the first...

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    Same routine, different results?

    Thread Starter: honeybadger79

    i suppose its not best that I get frustrated, but its a little disheartening when the outcome changes in the presence of nothing seemingly being different. VDH soap Badger/synthetic mix brush 34c Feather WTG/XTG/ATG Sometimes my cheeks are BBS, sometimes they aren't. Not sure why. I will...

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    Try Nivea After S Balm

    Thread Starter: OnlookeR7557

    I purchased a block of Alum many months ago and had a bad reaction to it. Consequently, I had to stop using it as well as aftershave splash (mostly alcohol based). So, I now needed some sort of an after shave. I decided to use a balm but, wanted one without a fragrance so if I wore a cologne it...

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    First shave with a Gem Micromatic

    Thread Starter: DonMac

    I recently purchased a silver tone standard Gem Micromatic on eBay for less than $10.00 including shipping. It looks like it was rarely used. I picked up a package of generic double edge blades from CVS, and carefully started my first shave. I have heard so many stories about how aggressive this...

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    How international were you today?

    Thread Starter: auk1124

    I think these threads are interesting. Today I visited: 1. Germany (Speick bath soap) 2. Canada (NatureClean shampoo) 3. Czech Republic (Spokar brush) 4. United Kingdom (Harris Almond ss) 5. India (Parker razor) 6. South Korea (Dorco blade) 7. ? Middle East (Tulumba alum block) 8....

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    SOTD "Free Week" 29 Sept- 5 Oct 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Welcome to the new week, Gentlemen. This is week is a "Free Week", so let's see your most creative shave photos. After my difficulties posting pictures last week, it seems the new update for OS8 let's me upload photos again. Next week, we will follow the IOTW, and the Halloween flavored theme...

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