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    What's your best LOOKING finisher?

    Thread Starter: gumbo

    After a lot of work at honing I can finally say I'm very happy with the edges I can put on with a few different stones. I have successfully achieved 2 or 3-pass BBS shaves with a number of finishers, including several different coticules, a couple different Thuringians, a Charnley, a Tam O'Shanter,...

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    Really dumb question and behavior

    Thread Starter: Marky

    Hi guys so I got myself the very basics...and Edwin Jagger 89 safety razor which came with 5 feather blades, a sample pack of blades from connaught, a WS brush, palmolive soap stick and a WS lather bowl. I have watched a few lather tutorials and can get that going well enough I think, but,...

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    Show us your Japanese naturals

    Thread Starter: superbleu

    With all the great Japanese natural stones that are coming out, lets see what you have!!!

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    Disaster struck

    Thread Starter: VelvetGrindR

    My newest coti seemed to have a pocket between the layers of bbw and coti. Somehow there has gotten some fungi in there wich caused the pockets to swell i guess. As a result i now have a three piece stone. Rather sad actually. I've read here somewhere that, in order to restore this to former...

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    Joe blow

    Newbie confession

    Thread Starter: Joe blow

    Hello everyone, I have today finally taken the time to count up my DE Blade supply, a total of 502 blades from approx. 50 blade making companies, plus 4 Simpsons Super Badger Brushes ..... if my wife finds out about the number of blades I have I will never be free to by another pack for the rest of...

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    October 2016 Scores

    Thread Starter: ronweston

    Fall has arrived and winter is just around the corner. Time does fly but no matter which season it is something is awaiting to be found. And you can make the score. When you find it, let us know. We all want to see and think ... it could be me. Show the photos so we all can be thrilled by...

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    End of production for Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades

    Thread Starter: SpeedyPC

    G'day :bored: Could someone please confirmed the Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades is at the end of the production will not longer shall be made any more. Web link:- http://gemstonetrading.co.uk/offer-800-double-edge-de-razor-blades-polsilver-super-iridium-uk-stock-xl-pack/

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    Unscented shave soap for sensitive skin needed!

    Thread Starter: Scotty

    The above title above says most of it; except the soap needs to shave very well with great slickness. I have sensitive skin, & my wife can not stand perfumes or most scented soaps due to breathing allergies. Even if I don't smell the mild scented soaps; she can. I gave alot of my aftershaves to my...

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    Give away a Parker open comb razor w/Sabi T2 handle.

    Thread Starter: shave/brush

    Still making room in my shave den. I have a beautiful Parker OC razor with a Sabi T2 handle on it. This is a mild razor that delivers a smooth but close shave. I believe it is one of the smoothest razors on the market. If you want this, post here. I will probably pick a winner today so please...

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    Where to get a Safety Razor to Mach 3 adapter?

    Thread Starter: Chango

    Anyone know where to get such a thing? Its for the Mrs. I finally got her a nice safety razor but i want to give her the option of changing the head to a Mach 3 cartridge if she is in a rush.

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