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    Mikawa Botan Awasedo from Takeshi

    Thread Starter: buca3152

    Got my approximately 8 in x 2 in Mikawa botan nagura from Takeshi. Didnt lap yet, but feels nice on the blade. I have to lap it smooth though to get a real feel for it. Scratch pattern as it is now (surface is smooth) is similar to a striped iyoto I have. Nice gritty, not sticky and the swarf built...

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    Thread Starter: christoferyacoub

    Have any of you gents tried this pomade? I am currently working on growing out my hair from a pompadour, and this is the one my barber recommends. Thoughts? Thanks guys!

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    BBS Kirk

    Recommend an Omega Boar

    Thread Starter: BBS Kirk

    I am looking to add a 3rd boar brush to my den. Recommend me an Omega boar brush. A little about myself: 1.) Face latherer 2.) Use only croaps - Proraso and Panna Crema 3.) Love splay and want splay on my new Omega 4.) Love Backbone 5.) A tad of scrub is fine 6.) Thick, wirey beard -...

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    How will you shave during Zombie Apocalypse?

    Thread Starter: Batman9402

    Well I had some fun getting razors cerakoted. I knew one would be black but when I saw a zombie style I said thats what the other will be here ya go :)

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    Hello from California and a story or two

    Thread Starter: SteakWilliams

    Hello everybody, I just got into wet shaving and while I haven't quite nailed the technique down, I'm gettin' there. I do however, have a few stories sure to make you grin. It goes a little bit like this... I'm getting to the age where it's no longer fun to have super long hair and a full beard,...

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    One ring to rule them all

    Thread Starter: Legion

    Over the last couple of years I have had a bit of an epiphany. I have WAY too much stuff. I have stuff I like, and spares of that stuff, and back-ups for the spares. Sometimes I'll buy one thing, skimp on the cost, then replace it later with the model up. Then replace that one with the one I...

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    Cry me a river about not PIFFING

    Thread Starter: kevdogg329

    Wow. Crying over someone not wanting to participate in their scheme. http://news.yahoo.com/grande-goodwill--378-starbucks-customers--pay-it-forward--in-florida-151640283.html

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    I Guess I'm Old School

    Thread Starter: 10miler

    I was thinking about my vintage razors the other day, and the cast iron corn bread thread came to mind. Cast iron has properties like no other for cooking. My coffee maker is an old percolator from the 50s, and I tell ya it just makes better (and hotter) coffee than drip coffee makers. It for sure...

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    Hi guys first time on this forum

    Thread Starter: semperfi6141

    :biggrin1: I am retired I am 73 going on 123,time flys for me.I live in south texas some of my hobbies are collecting straight razors,and metal detecting:001_cool: So far I can polish,hone razors -----no can do scale work yet:w00t:, but trying to learn pining and unpinning.Have about 50 razors to...

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    New Guy Here

    Thread Starter: Rednek_Rage

    Howdy folks. Rage here, coming to ya from the Wilmington area of good ol' NC. I'm sorta new to the manly style of shaving... Anyway, sorry for rambling, just really excited. I do have one direct question: I bought some green chrome oxide powder as an addon to my package, and am wondering if its...

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