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    BB Sweed

    Celebration PIF.

    Thread Starter: BB Sweed

    I have some happenings in my life that I want to celebrate with a PIF. My wife and I just celebrated our 45th anniversary, I just had my 66th birthday, I am now semi employed 35-40 hrs. vs. 50-60 , and finally I just went over 300 posts. The soaps are 5- Eva Nestrova goats milk soap. the...

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    2nd round Soap Pass-Around

    Thread Starter: Demaskee

    Gents, The first soap pass-around is wrapping up and went better then I could have ever anticipated. The box started with 12 soaps and now has 22 soaps in it. 77 soaps from 35 different brands have made their way in the box along the way. I highly encourage you to look at the last pages in the...

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    Thread Starter: dawnrader

    Morning Chaps, I have infiltrated your lair to ask some questions. :blush: My hubby has a Merkur Futur and is looking at Standard Razors Black set but I was slow on the uptake and it looks like they are sold out. What can you recommend in the 60 price range? Is there something that...

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    Sue Moore Soap for Hope is back. Support the NBCF

    Thread Starter: captp

    Soap for Hope is back. A special soap made by Wendy at Saint Charles Shave in honor of her mother "Saint" Sue Moore. $15 of every sale will go directly to the NBCF. So buck up, pry a few bucks out of your rusty old wallet and help out in the war against breast cancer. Click below to go directly to...

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    Badger shave brush under the $20

    Thread Starter: SirRoy

    Hello dear forum members i like to know if there are quality badger brushes under the $20 that perform well and have decent backbone to build a good layer. I hope to find information and experience here. Thank you dear members.

    Last Post By: misterjones Today, 02:50 PM Go to last post

    Advice on 108 year old safety shaver

    Thread Starter: Dazbo88

    Hi all I'm new to this forum, basically I've been clearing my grandmas house out and found a 1907 pall mall 7day safety blade shaver by wilkinson... I've searched all day for someone who can shed some light on the value and a bit on the history of the set I have. I have pictures of what I have and...

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    A little lens PIF!

    Thread Starter: WarrenB

    So when I was given the privilege of becoming The Darkroom Steward, I remembered that I had a lens sitting in a box of bits and pieces. It's an Auto Revuenon 50mm 1.8 in what I believe is an M42 fit, if any of you recognise it as another fit please let me know:biggrin1: No scratches or fungus,...

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    Rockwell S6 First Impressions

    Thread Starter: phantom00

    I ordered a Rockwell S6 razor after their Kickstarter campaign was over. I ordered it from their website instead. This is a second batch of razors with initial finish problems resolved. Well, I received my Rockwell S6 today just before my morning shave. The package is very nice consisting of a tin...

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    Mr Bingle

    Mr. Bingle Presents: The Second Annual Reindeer & Sleigh Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Thread Starter: Mr Bingle

    Greetings from the North Pole Boys and Girls! Can you believe it’s already been a year since we met!? How time flies! For those of you who may not know me, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Bingle. Maybe you’ve heard of me? For those who haven’t, let me tell you about myself: ...

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    The all inclusive list of shaving myths

    Thread Starter: luvmysuper

    Herein I submit, according to my own observation and not based on any scientific method, my personal opinion on the most common shaving myths. YMMV, so if you read this and don't agree - that's your option. You don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you! 1. The Tech is a...

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