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    Hey look a squirrel

    Thread Starter: Alacrity59

    I don't know if this squirrel had a close encounter with a electrical transmission wire or with a strange hairdresser. Google automatically backs up my picture files and "enhances" some of them. This was a series of 5 or 6 pictures that Google put together. By the way . . . these were hand held...

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    Sensitive Skin Sufferers Look Here

    Thread Starter: jayc_07

    I've really been struggling with my shaves lately. I've been questioning if DE shaving was for me. I've been using either a EJ DE89L or a Weber razor most of the time. I have been using a DE for roughly 6 months, shaving usually every other day. I'd always get that 'just shaved' feel and I wasn't...

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    Thread Starter: DougieB

    Forgot to shave today!

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    The MMA Thread

    Thread Starter: thunderball

    So I know that many of you here are into MMA in all its various forms so I thought it fitting that we have sort of a 'general MMA discussion' thread where we can discuss the subject in all its fistic glory. I know that the odd thread pops up concerning certain events but I wonder if would be...

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    Leather strops from India

    Thread Starter: Alswan

    Hello. I have a cheap strop set that I ordered that came from India. The leather strop is quite a nice quality leather, and the canvas part is slightly lumpy in 1 or2 places and the canvas seems to be of good quality- definitely not the best- but of good quality nevertheless. I have a few...

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    First Open Comb Shave

    Thread Starter: Citty

    When i first went and got my kit at the shop down the street i walked away with a chinese razor, a strange mug that,s prolly best suited for camping and a nice col conk brush and some amber soap. It was awesome. But i started reading. I researched a lot here and thought i wanted a Merkur 1904/6...

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    Bulgarian creams

    Thread Starter: Limekiln

    What is going on in Bulgaria? Surely it is the winner in the greatest number of shave creams produced in any country, the vast majority of which get good to excellent reviews. I thought I'd share what I've gleaned from various bulletin boards (including this one of course). Apparently the 3 best...

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    If you can have only one DE for the rest of your life.

    Thread Starter: Bellac

    What would it be and why? I would keep my feather stainless steel DE because it gets the job done with no fuss.

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    Alt-Innsbruck, WOW

    Thread Starter: sk806

    OK, so I was a balm user the first two years of my wet shaving life, and have just recently gotten into old school splashes with the summer heat being here. Anyway, Captains choice was the only brand that really blew me away until today. Shaved with a vintage Puma 6/8 and MWF, rubbed and rinsed the...

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    Pre shave oil

    Thread Starter: Snoopans

    I just made some preshave oil and I'm quite excited to use it tomorrow. My recipe is as follows: 15 ml olive oil (Kirkland evoo this is top rated evoo) 15 ml avocado oil (chosen foods, also found at costco) 15 ml coconut oil (Carrington Farms, also costco) 15 ml jojoba oil (Vitamin Shoppe...

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