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    August West

    This Day In History

    Thread Starter: August West

    I thought it might be interesting to start a 'This Day In History" thread on B&B. On this day in history, June 2, 1975, the first recorded June snowfall in London, England. Feel free to add, comment, and/or post tomorrow another unique event in the B&B "This Day In History" thread.

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    Dorko I found in a barber kit

    Thread Starter: scag315

    It was with a small strop, some shears made in Italy, a couple badger brushes, and a nice set of Wahl clippers. Not sure what to do with the shears and clippers yet.

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    Checking in

    Thread Starter: Satt

    Well here I am just trying to learn how to get around.

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    At last, my arm is complete.

    Thread Starter: GBinOZ

    Two recent acquistions have completed my collection of Rhodium Gillettes. Here are all four: This is the British Aristocrat #15. This has been a favourite for a while. This is a recent find. There is some conjecture that it may have been designed in the late 1930s but had its...

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    Soaps that are great Autumn.

    Thread Starter: Blitzkrieg

    I know it might be early, but August is winding down and football season is nearly upon us. These are indicators of Autumn being right around the corner to me. I am an admitted soap addict with no intention of trying to rehabilitate myself. As much as people look to menthol and perhaps citrus...

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    In Defense of Shave Sticks

    Thread Starter: bcs89

    Please, help me understand this trend lately to grate, mash, or in some way transform shave sticks from their natural (perfect) form – into something that will fit into a bowl. It was in the MWF threads that I first noticed the trend – people were not happy with the ‘puck to container ratio’ of the...

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    HTGAM Gondolier?

    Thread Starter: awa54

    So, I was the recipient of a fantastic PIF, two soaps that are highly esteemed, a big thanks for the generous gift! ...the thing is, one of the soaps (How To Grow A Moustache "Gondolier" Synergy), smells like a cross between Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies and Right Guard Extreme Sport...

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    Rotating razors does not affect technique?

    Thread Starter: EmreMusovi

    Well im using feather ac dx straight daily with pro blade. im happy with the results. But also i have a feather as-d2 double edge which left on the cabinet... Waiting for my son but he is so little... in this case as i shave daily i can rotate this 2 razor daily but that doesnt affect...

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    August-quisitions 2014

    Thread Starter: Doc4

    Show us what you got in August, 2014. :drool::001_tt1::drool::001_tt1::drool: (I'll post those in advance, 'cause I know you guys will show up with some cool swag!!)

    Last Post By: tonich Today, 09:13 PM Go to last post

    Boar boar boar!

    Thread Starter: mikeal

    So last year I bought a SOC boar brush. Gave it a week or two of lather/dry cycles, but using it just didn't seem for me. I put it on a shelf and forgot about it for about a year. Then on a whim the other day I pulled it out for a test drive. It was a whole new experience suddenly. I loved it!...

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