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    So is there a difference between red-packaged and blue-packaged Personna?

    Thread Starter: Space_Cadet

    The question is ONLY about Personna Israeli Red (Platinum Chrome), and NOT about Personna Meds or Preps, etc'. Some people think there is a difference between the blades that come in these two different packagings, and some believe they are the same. I still haven't made my mind. What do you think...

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    Blood donor

    To buy or not to buy.

    Thread Starter: Blood donor

    So 7 ish weeks in, I'm still improving my technique with the good and bad days. Question is, should I get a new razor? I know the main focus should be on technique at this stage but in your views, how much difference does a razor make? I'm using a Parker 99 at the moment, but when I said this to...

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    What coffee is everyone drinking today and what method?

    Thread Starter: Redzone

    Morning Gentleman (well it is here in New Zealand) I got given a random blend a mate roasted 5 days ago and I am drinking it black. This morning I am using a swiss gold pourover in to a mug. This blend not quite my thing and roast a bit questionable but it will give me a good kick start !! CB

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    Thread Starter: ShaveFella

    I need a new pair of headphones for the gym, any suggestions?

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    Aqua Velva man

    Barbasol shave cream in a tube

    Thread Starter: Aqua Velva man

    I was talking with my neighbor, July 14th was his 91st birthday. Somehow we got around to talking about shaving. He said he uses an electric razor because all the razors and shaving creams on the market today were absolute junk. I asked what he used before, he said he used an electric razor but...

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    Coticule love... show off your rock

    Thread Starter: Drybonz

    We have all seen the juicy goodness of the "Show us your Japanese naturals" thread, but after searching I couldn't find a dedicated coticule eye candy area... so I thought I would get the ball rolling. If there is already a thread for this, please feel free to merge. This just arrived in my...

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    NY Shaving Company razors - thoughts?

    Thread Starter: dimitrof

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried the NY Shaving Company DE models. I see the "Mariner" and "Stout" names on the company site, and have looked through some threads here describing these razors as aggressive. What are your impressions of these razors? Worth trying out? More...

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    Show us your PIF winnings

    Thread Starter: captp

    With all the Show Us Your xxxx, how about a new thread where all PIF winners can post pics of their loot. Yeah I know it's almost an oxymoron, me asking folks to post pics :001_rolle, but I think it could be a worthwhile thread. I'd start it myself, but I've only won, I think, 1 PIF, and that was...

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    B&B members are terrific

    Thread Starter: SteveE1959

    Over the last two weeks, I have been fortunate to be the winner of two PIF's. The generosity of these gentlemen is outstanding. I have been lucky to receive other gifts from other members as well. I try to keep up with the kindness, but in my experience so far that is impossible. Today I...

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    Treet Durasharp synergy

    Thread Starter: awa54

    I recently decided to use some of my also-ran blades for variety and to that end loaded a Treet Durasharp carbon blade into my Red handle flare... The results are awesome! I am getting DFS+ in 2 passes with no irritation and the shaves remain quite smooth even well into the late afternoon. My "new"...

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