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    Thread Starter: JaredB

    So I have been seeing all the mentions of poutine lately, and since I have been feeding my wife a steady diet of crappies, venison, elk and salad the last few weeks, she has almost excitedly agreed to a dinner of poutine and beer. I have had a chuck roast and gravy in the crock pot since 6:00...

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    EBAY DIGEST: Interesting Shaving Related Recent Sales Recap

    Thread Starter: GlennConti

    There are lots of sales on ebay that are of interest to wet shavers. I thought I would create a place where people could post about recently closed sales or current BIN listings. This is a place were you would post about out-of-the-ordinary things you find on ebay. If we post about the non-standard...

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    Five dirty vintage razors arrived today from England see the results!

    Thread Starter: dionesius3

    A nice package greeted me upon my arrival home from work today. A lot of razors that I bought to get the Gillette Flat Bottom NEW. It was poorly listed on the auction site and the condition of the razors did not inspire many bids. But I thought I could see a gem among the junk. Here is what I...

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    Change in routine for Lent

    Thread Starter: mgoldmann

    I usually use Lent as my time of year when I use up anything that I bought, tried, and won't buy again. I also use it to use up those thing I've overbought. This year, I'm doing the same thing, but with a twist: by coincidence, the master bath in my home is being remodeled and my wife and I are...

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    Shaving cream vs. soap and why people need to try things for themselves

    Thread Starter: tomormatt

    This will not be an earth shattering post, but want to reemphasize something that is often said on these forums, but probably not always believed. My hope is that other people who are starting will learn from my experiences. The following is background: Frequency / method - I have a medium beard...

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    Fatboy February - 2016 Edition

    Thread Starter: gwsmallwood

    Welcome to the second annual Fatboy February. We did this last year and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I've also gotten a few PMs this year from people eager to do it again. Come and join us in celebrating these wonderful razors this month. It doesn't matter whether you plan to use it the...

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    Nick Styptic

    The Boxing Thread

    Thread Starter: Nick Styptic

    This is your place to discuss all aspects of the Sweet Science. Whether you are an active boxer,amateur or pro,trainer or corner man, or are an active fan like myself. Let us know your thoughts on the influence of Premier Boxing Champions ( Al Hayman ) broadcasts on Showtime and HBO . Your...

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    Travel tubes for shaving brushes

    Thread Starter: Alex7

    Anyone know any good travel tubes for shaving brushes? I already own the Muehle one http://www.westcoastshaving.com/Muhle-Ro..._2533.html. I've seen some interesting ones form Simpson http://www.simpsonshavingbrushes.com/cgi...rod_CASESL, shaving-shack...

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    Hair combs?

    Thread Starter: purerockfury

    So what do you gentlemen use for hair combs? So I am finally trying to do something style-wise with my hair. But I need a comb a decent one if possible. So what do you all use or recommend?

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    Pacific Shaving Co. caffeinated shaving cream

    Thread Starter: Moriarty_Bear

    So I picked up these tonight at Publix. Has anyone tried them? They look good on the packaging. They contain natural ingredients and argan oil as well as shea butter. It's got glycerin in it as well. Glycerin, from what I can tell, helps absorb or retain water? Anyways, any tips or comments on how...

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