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    The Graveyard!

    Thread Starter: Doc4

    A simple enough idea ... when you use up a product, simply put a post in here about it. It seems that actually finishing something around here is a pretty rare occurance, and it might be worth a few comments about what you thought about the product, your plans to get more (or not, or you have a...

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    D.R. Harris cream

    Thread Starter: cfkane

    I have never tried a D.R. Harris cream and am thinking of adding one of the following to my rotation. Which of these is your favorite, and how would you describe the scent? Marlborough Windsor Arlington

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    Display Cases and Cabinets

    Thread Starter: DaltonGang

    I have finally reached the point in my collection, of razors, brushes, etc., that a nice display case and/or cabinets are needed, to keep the wife happy. The cigar boxes are stacking up. I need ideas of what is out there, be it Vintage or Modern production. I need photos of what our members are...

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    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Thread Starter: guYom

    Rapira (1)

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    Traveling Fragrance Sample Box

    Thread Starter: temjeito

    OK, this is pretty simple: there's a box, and a list.:001_rolle The box is full of fragrance samples (and a few a/s samples, and maybe some other goodies). The list starts with plpenn, and grows as people sign up in this thread. We'll cap the list at 25 for now to try and keep it manageable....

    Last Post By: USMCKoontz Today, 10:25 AM Go to last post

    New member but wet shaving for almost a year.

    Thread Starter: StraightStraights

    Hello everyone, For the past year or so I've been lurking this forum. It's probably taught me dang near everything I know about shaving with straights and DEs. The amount of information here is indispensable and all at no cost to the buyer! Finally decided to take the time to register and become...

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    My Guess... 3017

    Thread Starter: johnniegold

    Over the course of the last year I have been concentrating on using and finishing product. I have been going through aftershaves, colognes and shaving creams and sold off most of the excess. But the soaps... well, I just like them all and don't want to unload them. Over the last several months I...

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    Tommy Canuck

    Canadian Newb

    Thread Starter: Tommy Canuck

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I just got a starter straight razor set from classic edge.ca, and have survived two shaves so far. Granted, there have been some pretty decent nicks, but it is all coming together and, for the first time in my life, I am actually...

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    How Many Weepers Did You Get Today?

    Thread Starter: rockero

    What Blade caused this ? What Razor were you using?

    Last Post By: wihi Today, 10:24 AM Go to last post

    New to Badger and Blade

    Thread Starter: Sweenes

    Hello all! I'm new to BB been straight razor shaving off and on for a couple yrs. Recently Began using a merkur 33 and love it! This week I procured a 40s gillette SS which is very nice and aligned with my interest in 1940's in general.Anyway thanks for all the great info on site

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