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    Thread Starter: Rschan

    Greetings to All, I intend to buy some blade packs from best shave. What would like to now whether its a good reliable E seller ? Really appreciate if those who have done dealings previously could chime in ? My second question is how do you rate the Rapira blades in pink blue and black...

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    Prof. Moriarty

    SOTD "Cheapest Razor" Theme Week 14-20 April 2014

    Thread Starter: Prof. Moriarty

    Righto lads, I am taking over for a bit to give Doc a bit of R&R time. This week we have the Cheapest Razor in Rotation Theme, which for me happens to be a Super Speed I bought for around $10 on the BST. I currently only have two other razors that I use, an EJ DE87, and a Feather SS, so it...

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    Northern Bob

    Question for E-Bay Sellers

    Thread Starter: Northern Bob

    I am curious as to why a seller would use Customs Clearance and Tracking Provided service? From previous experience none of these used razors would be dutiable. There would be no duty to be paid on my end. My question is why would I pay these charges up front? This has kept me from bidding...

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    Sell now before it's too late: prices crashing on the 'Bay!

    Thread Starter: DrAwkward

    Yeah, I know, every day there is another thread complaining about eBay prices crashing on vintage DE razors. Well, I'm here to pile on: sell your collections now before they are completely worthless. Just a few days ago a nickel Toggle sold for a mere $762. Today, more evidence of impending doom:...

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    The MMA Thread

    Thread Starter: thunderball

    So I know that many of you here are into MMA in all its various forms so I thought it fitting that we have sort of a 'general MMA discussion' thread where we can discuss the subject in all its fistic glory. I know that the odd thread pops up concerning certain events but I wonder if would be...

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    SOTD- sheng of the day

    Thread Starter: ouch

    I figure this title will be more annoying to those already perplexed by the numerous pu'er threads floating around. If you'd like, I can always change it to "Tea time with Toodlepip". :001_rolle 9/25 '07 Xi Zhi Hao 8582 6g, 140ml yixing- 15s, 15s, 25s, 40s, 50s, that's all, folks. This was...

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    WARHAWK's 2nd Anniversary PiF. . .

    Thread Starter: warhawk

    Hi Gents and Ladies: I hope all is well with you and your families. I am doing great. This month will mark my 2nd anniversary with B&B and also it will mark my 2nd year of shaving the traditional way. Prior to discovering the traditional way of shaving, my favorite razor was the Fusion. Thank...

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    Missouri Meerschaum Brand Pipe Tobacco

    Thread Starter: Senshi

    The brand that makes some of our favorite pipes will now be coming out with their own brand of tobacco. The Master Blender for the company's new line of tobacco? None other than Russ Ouelette. The man behind the Hearth & Home line. The debut of the tobacco will be at the upcoming...

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    Need help with sealing tobacco in mason jars

    Thread Starter: GreekGuy

    Hey Guys, I've been reading around on the inter webs and through some posts here but I'm having a very hard time sealing some tobacco in mason jars. My understanding is after the baccy is in the jar, you tighten the lid and then put it in boiling water for 15 mins or so, then let it cool and you...

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    New gloves for stage crew work

    Thread Starter: bassman314

    So I volunteer with a family community theater company. I'm usually in charge of stage crew for our main productions. In the past, I have used regular work gloves from Home Depot for picking up and moving large sets, as well as using the fly-rail system to bring in our ariel sets. The...

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