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    You've heard it: favorite budget face latherer

    Thread Starter: Tea-bott5000

    Hello gentlemen, I'd like to poll you on your favorite not-insanely-expensive brush for face lathering. Boar/badger/horse/synthetic/mix doesn't really matter, I just want performance at a good price, which i'm naming as under $40 (shouldn't be a problem, right?). From all my research the brush I...

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    Newbie looking for a soap recommendation.

    Thread Starter: Yndyrsyn

    Hey! I've ben wet shaving for a little while now, and everything is going fine so far. I'm currently using a Maggard MR1, Arko soap and an Omega S-Brush. My only gripe is that I dislike the soap I'm using. I'm getting a decent lather, but it takes me ages to load my brush. I'd like a soap that's...

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    Thrift Store Drop In

    Thread Starter: ncaravan

    Hey All Today I dropped in my local thrift store on my lunch break and spotted this. Here is the price list: Merkur Futur - $2.50 Body Shop Brush - $1.50

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    Michigan Straight Razor Newbie

    Thread Starter: Lemic

    Hello B&B Members. I joined B&B a few weeks ago but have been reading for awhile now. I just started recently after buying a sight unseen from Whipped Dog. It was a painful and bloody start but it has worked itself out pretty well so far. I have jumped right in and bought a Norton set of honing...

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    Personal Care Product Safety Act (Proposed)

    Thread Starter: AndyShaves

    The above bill, recently introduced by Senator Diane Fienstein (D-CA) recently introduced to the senate is an interesting bill. I've recently finished reading it and it stands to levy a large challenge to artisans in our community. From what I understand after reading the bill, the act would...

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    Gillette flare tip

    Thread Starter: bright09

    Just got my grandpa's old flare tip this Friday I yet to shave with it yet but knowing the unpainted flare tip is a 57 code c 2 looks like in pretty good condition but noticing there is some plating wearing off in some spots and the green stuff from the plating any way of removing that? Also he...

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    I made some Ribs

    Thread Starter: Edcculus

    I've been watching M*A*S*H since its been on Netflix. I hit the episode about Hawkeye ordering 40lbs of ribs from Chicago on Friday night. I couldn't stop thinking about ribs. Saturday morning I ran into a stand at the farmers market that sells local raised heratige pork so I picked up a rack. ...

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    This week's finds...

    Thread Starter: *Terence*

    I had another good week of searching week of searching. All at local estate sales. Included with this was the colgate, 2 black beauties and a slim. Both for a WHOLE TEN DOLLARS!

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    Newbie but luker

    Thread Starter: andrewtheguru

    Hi guys I'm Andrew. I live in no where Colorado and I am determined to ENJOY a clean shave. Me and my wife barely get by (as we all do) so I ditched the crappy over priced modern razors and borrowed a friends old Gillette DE razor and had a fantastic shave! Having to return it, I got a cheap razor...

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    PIF: Omega Professional 48 Boar Brush

    Thread Starter: hrfdez

    I have an Omega Pro 48 that I'm willing to PIF to a NEW wet shaver. I only used it once, but it is just a tad big for my face. Otherwise is an awesome Boar brush:thumbup: I will cover the shipping and this offer is limited to the CONUS. Please, I'm offering this to a new wet shaver, so if...

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