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    Riff Raff

    Black Sails

    Thread Starter: Riff Raff

    Okay, so now that I am caught up on my Black Sails episodes (ex-Navy Shellback, I think I would go to hell if I didn't watch), I have some observations that I would like to share with my fellow Brown Leafers. First and foremost is the pipe smoking. Season one, the pipe smoking was prolific....

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    Are ink trades allowed?

    Thread Starter: nlpotts

    There are many inks out there, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like to try many/all of them. But this would become impractical rather quickly. But I would like to try more. I'm sure some of you feel the same way. So I was wondering, are we allowed to trade inks that we...

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    Question to an experienced Muhle R41 user

    Thread Starter: Mach3_man

    Hi. I have just bought a Muhle R41 razor. I use it with Astra Superior Platinum. Usually i shave with my Mekur 34C HD which gives smooth and good results. So to the question: Should i expect some tugging from the R41 since it is a very aggressive razor opposite to the Merkur? My prep is very...

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    Fake blades

    Thread Starter: schmalgausen

    Hi all, I bought fake Sputniks, no way to use them, just garbage. Also I found some info about fake Silver Blues and Rubies. It seems like our Chinese friends are in. Please post your experience with the subject.

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    Old beard

    I bought my first fountain pen

    Thread Starter: Old beard

    Jinhao 8812 Fountain Pen Rose Wood Barrel I just bought one of these for $2.95. I don't think I could go to wrong with this purchase. If it is trash can material I haven't wasted to much money. I hope it will be a good starter pen. Anyone know anything about this pen?

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    Traveling Fragrance Sample Box

    Thread Starter: temjeito

    OK, this is pretty simple: there's a box, and a list.:001_rolle The box is full of fragrance samples (and a few a/s samples, and maybe some other goodies). The list starts with plpenn, and grows as people sign up in this thread. We'll cap the list at 25 for now to try and keep it manageable....

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    Prof. Moriarty

    Tobacquisitions August 2016

    Thread Starter: Prof. Moriarty

    With Tobapocalypse nigh, and some amazing acquisitions the last few months, I am expecting this thread will be no different. Lets see what you got gents.

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    Inconsistent Knots

    Thread Starter: Steve_in_CT

    I don't have a very large sample size, but I have noticed that knots are very inconsistent. For example, I have 3 TGN Finest knots. All of them are excellent products and none of them shed at all. That said, there is considerable variation in density, backbone and softness. Similarly, I used a...

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    Brand New Maggard Synthetic PIF

    Thread Starter: MacQ

    Come one, Come All, sign up for the change to win a brand new Maggard synthetic brush... of your choosing! The rule for entry is simple. I have a 24mm black Maggard synthetic brush that is my one and only, my one true love; and it needs a name! Respond with "I'm in" and a name for the lovely...

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    Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

    Thread Starter: Argonaut

    :pipe::pipe::pipe::pipe::pipe::pipe::pipe::pipe::p ipe::pipe::pipe: It is an honor and a privilege to be able to announce today the release of the latest in our Brown Leaf Limited Edition Pipe Series. (Waits for applause to die down). We have sourced the pipe from Paul Hubartt at Larrysson...

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