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    Weird Shave With Derby Blade Today

    Thread Starter: DonnieBoy

    So I'm still going through the sampler pack of blades I bought. The pack I have the most of are the Derby blades. Here's why. I remember the first one I used had a lot of tug and pull. Had to make like 4-5 passes to get a smooth shave. Pretty sure I ditched it after one shave and chalked it up...

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    Wet shaving is for losers

    Thread Starter: redshell23

    Haha JUST KIDDING! Just wanted to see who I could hook with that line. Greetings everyone! My name is Red and I'm new to this site, so I'm officially checking in with you. If you've come across this post, I hope you're prepared to read a bit, as I'm a bit chatty when it comes to writing. What...

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    Nickel over brass razors

    Thread Starter: coase

    Can someone explain to me how come Parker can make a nickel over brass TTO that's reasonably priced, yet no one seems to make moderately priced all nickel over brass 3 piece razors? Why is that? In modern razors, I either see Zamak/pot metal/aluminum heads or all stainless steel in the luxury...

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    Ikon 102 slant head ordered.

    Thread Starter: Vaporgt

    Well I ordered the ikon slant 102 head and special edition handle. Can wait to try it out.

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    Pin-up girls from your youth. (Keep it PG, gents)

    Thread Starter: Legion

    I was putting some new films on my want list for the DVD rental club thing which I am a member of. I came across the film Elvira, mistress of the dark. Wow, I had totally forgotten about her, and as a teen in the late eighties, with somewhat goth tendencies, a fair amount of my bedroom wall...

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    New Belt sander for the budget minded

    Thread Starter: Brianskeet

    I have wanted one for a long time, but the prices always scared me off. Picked this up at Lowes and they took off 10% for military. Not nearly the level of some of our restorers, but for a guy with not much room and not much money I am liking it pretty well. 4X36 belt, 8 inch disc. The set up was...

    Last Post By: totorlekiller Today, 04:33 PM Go to last post

    I received a new tub of TOBS in the mail today.

    Thread Starter: tylerdavies

    This will be my first tub of premium shave soap since moving to wet shaving (one month!) So I ordered TOBS St Jermyn due to it's pretty great value and the fact that I think I will prefer creams to soaps (I've been using VDH so far and samples from Wet Shave Club) I opened the package...

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    Polsilver Irritation

    Thread Starter: alishock

    Morning all, Having read the review thread on the various Polsilver blades I was under the impression that they might be a bit of a game changer. My experience is somewhat different, I have used them twice now, two different blades with both Bluebeard and Proraso Green creams. And Shave...

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    My 97 day challenge

    Thread Starter: docholliday77

    All right, y'all. I've been lurking here for a while and it's time I threw down the gauntlet. I'm going on a cruise at the end of January. You know how you hear those stories about everybody getting sick on a cruise and the whole vacation is spent puking? It always gets blamed on norovirus. The...

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    Maxime D.

    The Old Spice scent gone?

    Thread Starter: Maxime D.

    Hi there, a few weeks ago I ordered 2 tubes of Old Spice Original Shaving cream from a seller in India. The package arrived I was eager to smell the spicy scent that I like so much but, when I opened them, the stuff was as scentless as Nivea cream : / Could it be a bad batch or did they ditched...

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