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    What's your TOP favorite television shows? Let's find great TV to watch

    Thread Starter: AtreyuOcampo

    Was just wondering how many shows am I not currently watching, simply cause I haven't heard of them. With so many countries/channels to choose shows from, it's really easy to not hear or not know of certain shows often and one can get lost in the TV land. So here's my list of my current favorite...

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    Went cartridge/disposable near the end

    Thread Starter: ZackP

    Used the tech tonight and I just could get the hairs under the neck to cut. nothing would work. Even the "Gillette" slide. It was ridiculous. So I looked around and found some Bic 3-blade disposables. It got most of it and I have less irritation than if I used the DE :lol: I also have like little...

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    Select Coticule

    Thread Starter: panther308

    Gentlemen, I have been using a straight(s) for about 10 months and have really enjoyed it and also have honed several razors of mine from bevel on up for me as well as several others, I am quite sure I am no where near where you guys are at on honing but am thinking about trying a coticule, I...

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    PIF (sign-up before 9/8/2015) - Gillette Sheraton

    Thread Starter: kansaskyle

    Last Christmas, TheVez2 gifted me a user-grade Gillette Sheraton that I think is from 1937. It was part of the Mr. Bingle gift exchange. I tried it out several times, and I decided to go with a milder razor. As this was a gift, I would like to keep it in the B&B community so some other...

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    Thinking about starting a soap sample passaround box - signups

    Thread Starter: dfoulk

    All, I stared a thread called http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/456539-Thinking-about-starting-a-soap-sample-passaround-box-any-interest and this is the signup for that passaround. I got quite a bit of interest in this and it's at the point where I'm going to start taking names for...

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    2015 B&B Bingo: Safety Razor Edition

    Thread Starter: imatabor

    Welcome to the Fifth Edition of B&B Bingo. If you missed any of the first 4 rounds, please check them out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE The Topic: Safety Razors and Blades! This is a B&B Sanctioned game. To be eligible to play - You must: Abide by the B&B Terms of Usage, at all times ...

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    Oddball steaks

    Thread Starter: ouch

    We have a lot of steak threads on the site- best steak, how to cook a steak, best inexpensive steak, best sauce or preparation for steak, etc. For this thread I would like to concentrate on some gems that usually find there way into the grinder either by dearth of interest, difficulty of...

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    Above the Tie - Above the Crowd

    Thread Starter: fl_guy

    Before I begin my review of the ATT safety razor system, let me say I am not a shill or in anyway connected to the company or its owner. In fact I have never met or spoken directly to the owner Stan H. I have exchanged some emails with him this year related to his stainless razors, and what I can...

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    August West

    Bay Rum Traditional Haiku Contest

    Thread Starter: August West

    This stuff is pretty darn hard to find in The United States. I happen to have a few bottles stashed away, so I decided to offer a bottle to the lucky winner of my "Bay Rum Traditional Haiku Contest". Simply post a traditional haiku expressing your love for this storied elixir. Sorry rest...

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    So,tell me about Suavecito Pomades

    Thread Starter: WVHDRyder

    Hey guys,looking for some feedback on Suavecito pomades.Wanting to try something other than the mass produced products in the local chain stores.Suavecito pomades seem to be the one product that surfaces the most in reviews and discussions.I sport a skin fade undercut sometimes slicked straight...

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