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    Vintage Doc

    Removing blade after each shave necessary?

    Thread Starter: Vintage Doc

    I have not been doing this but since recently started shaving with some vintage acquisitions I was wondering... Do you guys remove the blade after every shave? Do you dry your TTO or take apart your 3 piece razors between each shave? Thanks for your opinions. Jeff

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    Interim Low-cost Briefcase

    Thread Starter: Mycon

    I have found myself with a bit of a quandry, and need a touch of guidance from the experienced. The nylon laptop bag that I've been using is almost completely shot. Normally this would be cause to celebrate, because it means an upgrade. The problem is, I am almost done with college and can fulfill...

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    What is High Mountain Badger?

    Thread Starter: RockyMountainWetShave

    So as I understand it, different grades of badger come from different parts of the badger... right? So where does "High Mountain come from, or is it actually a different kind of badger from high in the snowy peaks of Nepal... or something?:tongue_sm

    Last Post By: SirChangalot Today, 05:26 AM Go to last post

    Ear Worms

    Thread Starter: mrlandpirate

    I'll start

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    New guy here.

    Thread Starter: irfan977

    Hello everyone, My name is Irfan. I guess I am not really a newbie as I have been wetshaving for two years and lurking on this site for even longer then that as I was trying to get up the gumption to put a real blade to my face after years of not really knowing how to shave. However, I am a...

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    Which Thayers witch hazel is best for your skin?

    Thread Starter: RobsForge

    I have the Lemon and Cucumber right now and can't really tell a difference. The lemon is labeled as an astringent but I'm curious which one out of all their products is best for you skin. I recently noticed Whole Foods sells their whole line of Witch hazel. I use it as a splash-on after shaving and...

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    Shapton Pro without any writing the stone?

    Thread Starter: rajun50

    Hello gents, I just bought a new set of Shapton "Pro" Kuromaku stones. I got the 2k, 5k, 8k, 12k. The 5k is a US version Shapton Pro, but there's no writing on one side like the Kuromaku stones have. Everywhere I've looked shows them with writing on one side like the Kuromaku. The stone looks...

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    Hummingbirds and the feeders

    Thread Starter: DoctorShavegood

    I love hummingbirds. Arguably one of the most fascinating birds on the planet. I went to my uncle's house last summer and he had them flying around his feeder like fly's. There were so many it was hard to keep your eye on just one. I haven't had that kind of success in attracting that many, but I'm...

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    Got my WD Brush from Larry

    Thread Starter: YKMV

    Sadly, it sat in the Post Office for 5 days before I could pick it up. But 10 days from "order" to "in the PO Box" is fantastic espceiclaly considering it had to come all the way to my APO in Germany. 24mm synthetic with 2 sample of soap, Bald Frog and MWF. Now I have to decide which of...

    Last Post By: SirChangalot Today, 05:17 AM Go to last post

    Got the scope out again.

    Thread Starter: SliceOfLife

    So I hooked a camera up to my microscope again. Had to go down to 220grit to get some really bad pitting out of an eBay razor I picked up; so I took some shots there and then figured I'd get some more hones for good measure. Razor is full hollow ground early 20th century Clauss. 14.5 degree...

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