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    6 months on B&B SR PIF

    Thread Starter: doc47

    On Sunday I will have been a member of B&B for 6-months, a brief time for many, but the beginnings of what I hope will be a long and fun journey here. So to celebrate I'm going to PIF the following razor: Who is eligible for this PIF, everyone! How do you enter this PIF? I want you to write...

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    Bow ties fraying

    Thread Starter: Warpiper

    Hi All, Do all bow ties fray or is it only the silk? I just started wearing bow ties and the 2 that I bought are both silk. Both of them frayed at the top where they touch my neck/chin before the day was half way over. If all ties do that, I may have to go back to neck ties. I read some...

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    Switched to distilled water.

    Thread Starter: murc

    After swapping between my hard(and often mineral rich to the point of discoloration) tap water and bottled water(harbored good enough results), I finally coughed up 79 cents and bought a gallon of distilled water. It made a MASSIVE difference. Everything from cushion and, especially, glide were...

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    SOTD "HALLOWEEN WEEK" October 24th - October 30th

    Thread Starter: ronweston

    Welcome to "Halloween Theme Week," the spookiest SOTD theme week of all! What spooky shave items do you have hidden in your attics, closets, or cellars? It's time put the outré on display! You can create a scary shave or use a scary product. Ghost/goblin/monster figurines or movie poster...

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    Unscented shave soap for sensitive skin needed!

    Thread Starter: Scotty

    The above title above says most of it; except the soap needs to shave very well with great slickness. I have sensitive skin, & my wife can not stand perfumes or most scented soaps due to breathing allergies. Even if I don't smell the mild scented soaps; she can. I gave alot of my aftershaves to my...

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    Joe the Barber

    Greetings from the CA Bay Area

    Thread Starter: Joe the Barber

    Hello everyone, My name is Joe. I'm a barber based in Oakland, CA and co-own a shop on Alameda island.

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    20% off at P&C

    Thread Starter: Price

    20% off orders of $100 or more, through 10/31, with code PCTHANKS.

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    Any rum snobs?

    Thread Starter: bootzilla

    Somehow just found this sub forum. How could I miss it?! I pretty much love all spirits but rum is my go to. I prefer sipping a good aged rum but would never turn down a rum based cocktail. Currently I have about 30 bottles at the house, after making a concerted effort to stop buying and only...

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    New Stirling Badger

    Thread Starter: Quink

    Just got the new Stirling 26mm x 54mm Finest Badger in today... To say the least... I'm blown away!! For the price of $32.95.... excellent. OK... its my first badger and I might be a little over-excited, but I'm thrilled!!:biggrin1: Super soft tips... lathers great and the face feel is...

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    Brandon P K

    What's the deal with beehive brush handles?

    Thread Starter: Brandon P K

    I mean, is there a history there? Just doesn't seem like a desirable or "manly" form for a brush handle. Also seems like the tapering bottom end would make it less helpful ergonomically, like it would slip out of your hand... BUT obviously I'm wrong, since so many of you out there have (or are...

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