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    Which shavette should i buy - Help me please

    Thread Starter: sH0sH0

    Hello, I`m not sure is this is the right subforum to post this in but I`ll post this here (can`t find a better place). I`m considering buying a shavette but i can`t chose which one Antiga Barbearia or Sanguine XD20

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    My Guess... 3017

    Thread Starter: johnniegold

    Over the course of the last year I have been concentrating on using and finishing product. I have been going through aftershaves, colognes and shaving creams and sold off most of the excess. But the soaps... well, I just like them all and don't want to unload them. Over the last several months I...

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    What did you hone today?

    Thread Starter: ouch

    Feel free to discuss the razors (or knives) you honed, and the stones you used. Any special tips or techniques? Add 'em! 1) Dovo 6/8 Bismarck- Naniwa chocera 3K, Kitayama 8K, coticule, water only. 2) Hiromoto gyuto, 240mm- GlassStone 500, GlassStone 1K, Shapton M15 2K, King 6K, Shapton...

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    ok i think im addicted

    Thread Starter: gixxer562

    OK I don't even think I've been on B&B for 2 weeks yet and I've found myself surfing the web looking for new soaps, pre post Products I told myself I'll just get one or 2soaps to start but I can't stop, 6 soap/ creams later lol And some pre shave post shave products, my last purchase for at...

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    I won an auction I did not expect to win.

    Thread Starter: Inari7

    Now what do I do? It looks like a REAL beat up WWI razor. It has a crack along the handle and the part where the handle and base place come together has come apart, now its a 4 piece razor. I THINK I can post a link to a completed auction. (If not please slap my wist and delete this...

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    The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Happy Halloween B & B!

    Thread Starter: The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Tomorrow is Halloween, but do you remember how proud you were the first time you successfully carved teeth on a jack-o-lantern It's probably time to let go of that accomplishment because pumpkin carving isn't just for kids with those orange-handled safety knives anymore; it's an art form,...

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    Sunday November 2nd in Toronto

    Thread Starter: syngent

    A pen show called scriptus is going on, and it looks like a lot of nib guys are headed in to meet up and have some fun, you dont have to be a pen guy to get in on this you can come out and meet up as well here is the event information page http://scriptustoronto.com/ and this event has...

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    Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger

    Thread Starter: Loric

    I got my new Morris & Forndran Blond Badger brush in the mail today, and its very very nice. I just used it for the fist time and wanted to post my impressions while they were still fresh in my mind. The brush has obviously not broken in yet, but it has amazing backbone and ultra soft...

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    Brush - It's Back!

    Thread Starter: AABCDS

    :a50::a50: Step right up and gather around everyone! The B&B Essential Brush is back. :a50::a50: It's my pleasure to announce the rebirth of the Badger & Blade Essential brush. This time, it will be boar instead of badger. These brushes are not limited editions; they will be continuously...

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    The Graveyard!

    Thread Starter: Doc4

    A simple enough idea ... when you use up a product, simply put a post in here about it. It seems that actually finishing something around here is a pretty rare occurance, and it might be worth a few comments about what you thought about the product, your plans to get more (or not, or you have a...

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