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    Proraso White Review:

    Thread Starter: knightmare1015

    Well this will be my last review of Proraso's shaving products and it's not good. I'll give it 2 out of 5 stars and I won't be buying any of their products ever again which includes their aftershaves and balms. Last week I ordered alot of stuff from both shavenation.com and westcoastshaving.com and...

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    The 3000 post PIF

    Thread Starter: captp

    Well, folks, here it is. My 3000th post. An epic event, for me anyway. So I think it's only fitting that I do a PIF. Up for grabs is a razor. What razor, you ask? Well, heck, even I don't know yet, but I bet it will be a nice one. I'm not home at the moment. I'll pick one out this evening when I...

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    My latest, interesting acquisition.

    Thread Starter: kingfisher

    I'm gonna start by apologizing for not posting pictures. I have been having a heck of a time with that, but I still wanted to discuss this razor. About 3 weeks ago I picked up a cased Probak razor in near-pristine condition. As some of you know, this is an open-comb razor head that looks kind...

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    Noob with a poor mans set up, Saying Hello from Sydney

    Thread Starter: doctopus

    Hi guys, I recently got out of uni and moved back to live with my parents, cuz basically im broke. I was on lifehacker and they had an article about DE shaving and it peaked my interests...especially the saving money part. Did a few google searches and i ended up here. That was 3 months ago, in...

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    Two french Friends are visiting me (Hone ID)

    Thread Starter: Doorsch

    Here are some further two french friends....very interesting how far they travelled.... They were used from a german grandfather, probably for keeping his straights in condition but i do not really know... Both looked like odd stones but i give it a try and both will have a new home here ;-) ...

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    Favourite ink colour for corrections/editing?

    Thread Starter: Reevers

    I'm trying to stay away from the now frowned upon colour of RED for making corrections/changes to reports. I had thought of going to a softer ORANGE colour, like Noodler's Apache Sunset or perhaps changing to something completely different, like GREEN and jumping for Diamine Umber. Purely from a...

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    B&B Essential - Zippo lighter

    Thread Starter: Rockminer

    Gentlemen of B&B- The wait is over! On behalf of the B&B team, and everyone who helped make this happen, it's my extreme pleasure to introduce :a50:The Official B&B Essential Zippo lighter :a50: The lighter selected for this offering is the Zippo 1935 replica. It symbolizes one of the...

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    A stick in any other form is still a stick?

    Thread Starter: inspiringK

    Just curious as to how everyone uses soaps that come in stick form. I'm about to use three sticks in a row, first Valobra, then Speick, then Arko!. And, I'm not sure how I'll end up using them. Typically, I transfer all my sticks into a bowl (either by just squishing them in there or by grating...

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    YAY, I'm in Italy, Proraso everywhere !

    Thread Starter: Jay1st

    Hi gents, I've been sent to Italy as part of my job, and they have Proraso everywhere in the supermarkets ! Soaps, after-shave, brushes, but not a single DE razor..........but I found some Wilkinson Sword blades. I'll try to take some pictures today, for the fun of it :laugh:

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    100 Posts - Great shaves = PIF

    Thread Starter: asingh

    Okay, so I have been here some months. And have learnt a ton and improved my technique considerably. Plus I really enjoy being on this board and interacting with the fabulous members here..! So here is a PIF from my end (I will send everything brand new, since they hardly cost much here)....

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