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    Difference Between a Cream and a Soap?

    Thread Starter: LeoL

    Hey guys, what is the underlying physical difference between a shaving cream and a shaving soap? Are they both saponified fats, with just varying degrees of water? I think there must be more to it than that. What makes a cream a cream, and not a soap? A soap a soap, and not a cream? Thanks for any...

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    Stroppe Shoppe expiration

    Thread Starter: 1Vader

    I bought one recently and it says best by June 2016. I don't think I'll be able to finish this by that time, I still have other soaps I rotate and use. I'd like to buy more Stroppe Shoppe cause I liked the ingredients, 2 butters, tallow and lanolin which was just wow; But if this soap expires...

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    Survey of most favored shaving blade

    Thread Starter: cathdeacon

    In light of the recently completed "best shaving soap" survey, I would like to propose that you search your souls and come up with your single favorite/best DE blade. I will tally the survey in the end, hoping to get 40-50 responses. I will start with: Polsilver SI

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    Going through and trying out different blades is a long and drawn out process.

    Thread Starter: augusto

    Every mans face and neck are different. So I am not saying one blade is better than another. But finding that balance is hard. I am a three pass man....I have in my drawer Feather, Dorco, Williams Sword, and Astra. So far the Astra's are the best for me. Feathers are nice as long as the cream is...

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    How many shave do you get out of per blade with Gillette Silver Blue

    Thread Starter: SpeedyPC

    G'day all, I just wanted to ask you is how many shave do you get out of per blade with a Gillette Silver Blue, my rough guess would be at least 10 IF I'm not mistaken. So this is why I'm asking you guys because I don't know. Cheers:thumbup1:

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    Tabac liquefying?

    Thread Starter: Rotflmao

    Has anyone had a problem with their Tabac liquefying? My Tabac is a little over a year old and I use it every couple of weeks. Lately the centre is becoming more of a cream than a soap. I don't think I'm leaving excessive water on it and I've never had this problem with Proraso or Cella. It...

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    Coticule love... show off your rock

    Thread Starter: Drybonz

    We have all seen the juicy goodness of the "Show us your Japanese naturals" thread, but after searching I couldn't find a dedicated coticule eye candy area... so I thought I would get the ball rolling. If there is already a thread for this, please feel free to merge. This just arrived in my...

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    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Thread Starter: Eaaqas

    This thread is similar to the "which blade did you use today?" thread. I'm interested in seeing average blade life. No worries if you are a "throw away after 2 days no matter what" person.. :) We'll see if this catches on.. Super Platinum (4)

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    Could it be ? (hone id)

    Thread Starter: Pordybeer

    Hey everyone. I just bought a shaving chest wich some gear in it but what caught my eye to buy it is the stone there is. The label looked allot like a escher one to me so could it be ? :laugh: The pictures from the auction site is very small so cant read it but ill be posting close up pics...

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    look at this razorock 26mm synthetic brush

    Thread Starter: rokar

    i just order this 26 mm brush for 10.99 the brush looks amazing looks like a great deal. i mostly have 20mm to 22mm brushes so this will be a big diffrence. http://www.italianbarber.com/collections/sale-deal-of-the-day/products/razorock-plissoft-monster-synthetic-shaving-brush-26mm-monster

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