• March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

    A subject near and dear to me.

    If there is just one thing you and yours can do proactively itís this !

    Because of a relatively simple test I am celebrating my 25
    th birthday this year.

    Iím sure a lot of you are saying ďthat old codger is 25?Ē Yes itís true because 25 years ago I beat colon cancer. And the only reason I am here today is because of a Colonoscopy and being aware something was just not right.

    I have had a yearly colonoscopy since that fateful day. It is so easy and not painful. There really is no excuse.

    To kick the month off lets have a little contestÖ

    1.Check with your doctors, and if they are suggesting (50 yrs old or a family history?) letís get scheduled.

    2. Schedule a 'scope

    3. Post in this thread- I am scheduled!

    4. Get this cool badge

    5. Get a chance at a prize of a ÖÖ.

    150.00 Gift Certificate at West Coast Shaving
    (to be drawn on or about April 1st)

    For all of you who have had your scope in the last 4 months -You are also eligible to win!

    My yearly is scheduled for Wednesday, so I got one of these great tags !

    Whoís with me?

    (Remember, itís important for significant others too!)

    Colon Cancer is really easy to beat when caught early a 90% cure rate.

    Do yourself and your family a favor and get checked out.

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