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    Pin-up girls from your youth. (Keep it PG, gents)

    Thread Starter: Legion

    I was putting some new films on my want list for the DVD rental club thing which I am a member of. I came across the film Elvira, mistress of the dark. Wow, I had totally forgotten about her, and as a teen in the late eighties, with somewhat goth tendencies, a fair amount of my bedroom wall...

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    Hai Karate

    Thread Starter: cmh737

    A few months back I had inquired if anyone remembered Hai Karate, just for "kicks" (sorry, had to) - so fast forward to today. I received in the mail a catalog from the Vermont Country Store, and while flipping through it, came across this advertisement for Hai Karate - I kid you not! I remember...

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    Is DRH rose cream a hard cream?

    Thread Starter: jlopez77

    I have used only ToBS creams since I started DE shaving in May. All of them have been really soft and I can easily stick my finger in and touch the bottom of a full tub. I finally decided to try a different brand and went with DRH rose. This cream is so hard that I would say it is close to a...

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    What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?

    Thread Starter: dgreene120

    As I was cruising home on a beautiful South Florida fall evening tonight, I was singing along to Bob Dylan's Desolation Row and thinking about how much I love those great (or crazy) lyrics. What are some of your favorite song lyrics? They’re selling postcards of the hanging They’re painting the...

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    Padre OBrien

    Bevel reset makes a difference

    Thread Starter: Padre OBrien

    Initially I thought that I had done a nice honing job on this razor (the larger Heljestrand), but the first stroke told me it wasn't ready. It sat in my to-do box for a while. Last night I took it back to the beginning, and paid much more attention to the bevel. It took longer than I thought it...

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    Captain Murphy

    Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

    Thread Starter: Captain Murphy

    Greetings everyone! As a result of my post in the B/S/T for crusty fatboys last week, I had a few members who were interested. Basically, my original post was a "want to buy" but I made a note that I would humbly accept any fatboys that our members here wanted cleaned and or fixed. I did...

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    Canadian single ring

    Thread Starter: 5Cantonas

    I was at an antique sale and spotted a Canadian single ring. It was in what appeared to be, a wood big fellow box. My question is, could the razor originally have been sold with this box? Or is it just a matter of a mismatched razor and box? Anyways, I plan to pick it up later this weekend. I'll...

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    What's your soap for today?

    Thread Starter: Balj86

    Theres a long thread on "Whats your Brush for today...?". Don't know if it's been created for shaving soap, but it's worth a shot :biggrin1:! Today I used the almight "MWF!" What did you guys use?

    Last Post By: dougydee Today, 02:13 PM Go to last post

    Nasal Beard Reduction

    Thread Starter: Shiloh

    Gotta have a catchy title...:001_rolle Seriously, though... I'm of the vintage where wild hairs grow aggressively in my nose -- and on/in my ears, and I'd like to aggressively/effectively reduce them to invisibility. Any nose/ear hair trimmers recommendations? And no, I'm not going to...

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    The super-duper passaround box round four!

    Thread Starter: hotreds

    Lots of interest in another round of this box pass! So, please, if you are interested, PM me your name-screen name-email-snail mail-phone number. Please do this even if you were in the last pass. We will be using a Regional C box, and I will sort out the trajectory by zip codes in order to make...

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