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    To Close or Not to Close

    Thread Starter: jayc_07

    Is it best to leave the lid open on a freshly used soap for a little while for the water to dry up or is it fine to close it right after you use it? I'm the kind of guy who rinses my soap under the tap after I'm done using it so it is extra wet when I'm done with it. I remember reading a...

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    Mark Dayoc

    Floid blue

    Thread Starter: Mark Dayoc

    After Taking up wet shaving for a while I rely on the reviews people post here and other sites. What's wet shaving without collecting aftershaves? Reading much about Floid Blue I signed up on a waiting list at West Coast Shaving . After nearly two months I received notification they had it in...

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    Caught 100 SHARKS!

    Thread Starter: 7OH8

    As a newb (shaving right for three months) I found the hardest thing to figure out was which blade to throw in my DE razors. This more than any other component of wet shaving seems to really be individual specific. Most people somewhat agree on which soaps, creams, razors, and even brushes are...

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    Thread Starter: natenaaron

    5 years ago I bought some Duluth Trading Company Buck Naked Boxers and briefs. I generally work in 100+ degree weather and these wick moisture away perfectly, and yes they have lasted this long. I am not wearing tattered holy underwear. The elastic is finally wearing out so it is time for new. ...

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    FL shaver

    Shoot! 150 ml > 3 oz.

    Thread Starter: FL shaver

    I'm sure you know where this is headed. Had to surrender a tube of cream to TSA. 150 ml tube. Didn't even think about the size as I threw it in the Ziplock bag. Glad I threw a couple smaller tubes and a remnant Monsavon soap in the Dopp!

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    Gillette razors - a little help wanted

    Thread Starter: xserror

    Hello Gentlemen I've heard a great many things about the fine qualities of various Gillette DE razors, and I find I consider to try to aquire one at some point. The Fat Boy drew my attention early on, but then I hear marvelous things about Gillette New, and then someone would throw in some...

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    Captain Murphy

    Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

    Thread Starter: Captain Murphy

    Greetings everyone! As a result of my post in the B/S/T for crusty fatboys last week, I had a few members who were interested. Basically, my original post was a "want to buy" but I made a note that I would humbly accept any fatboys that our members here wanted cleaned and or fixed. I did...

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    Learning the value of menthol

    Thread Starter: TheConverted

    When I began this shaving journey I put off menthol thinking I wouldn't like it. My shaving den grew and a few menthol products found their way in but not many. Now we have reached the warm weather and we are seeing full weeks in the UK of record breaking sweat festering days I have learnt the...

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    The 3000 post PIF

    Thread Starter: captp

    Well, folks, here it is. My 3000th post. An epic event, for me anyway. So I think it's only fitting that I do a PIF. Up for grabs is a razor. What razor, you ask? Well, heck, even I don't know yet, but I bet it will be a nice one. I'm not home at the moment. I'll pick one out this evening when I...

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    What is the iciest of menthol soaps/creams that you have tried?

    Thread Starter: Dreamwench

    Good afternoon ladies and gents! I am sure this question has been asked before but I feel like sometimes a thread gets stale and or lost in the mix of things and does not get much attention after so long. I am new to the world of DE shaving and I am a sucker for the cold! Currently I am sifting...

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