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    Different Styles of shaving guys

    Thread Starter: KeenDogg

    Are there guys out there that just go for the finest shaving things or guys that go for the average things as far as collections go? I'd like to consider myself a blue collar kind of guy and I am gravitating toward old spice mugs and ever-ready brushes, for example. Thoughts?

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    What's Cooking, 2015

    Thread Starter: Alacrity59

    Goodness me. A new year is upon us. For me this is a place where we get to see what others are cooking which may inspire us and then perhaps we share what we are cooking to inspire others. Fire in people . . . it is all good!

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    Art - I Just Don't Get It

    Thread Starter: dgreene120

    I've got to admit it, I just don't get art. Saw one of these at an art gallery today. It cost $28,000. It reminded me of the other one, which my 7-year old daughter painted at camp this week. You'll probably be able to tell which one is which, but would you be willing to bet $28,000 on it?

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    Sou Vide anyone?

    Thread Starter: Phenol

    Do any of you use Sou vide in your cooking. What advantage do you see. Favorite food to Sou vide? What equipment do you use?

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    If your wife told you that you could only keep four of the following razors.

    Thread Starter: dk-109

    If your wife told you that you could only keep four of the following razors, which would you pick in ranked order? Merkur 34c Merkur Futur Merkur Slant EJ DE89 Feather AS-D2 Gillette New Gillette Red Tip Muhle R41

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    4th Brush Recommendation ?

    Thread Starter: OFK1961

    Need a recommendation for a 4th brush for my rotation. Been wet shaving for about a year. I always Face Lather. I usually change blades after 4 shaves. I like to rotate brushes for some variety and to keep count for my blade replacement. I prefer a softer brush. Another Silvertip...

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    Above the Tie - Above the Crowd

    Thread Starter: fl_guy

    Before I begin my review of the ATT safety razor system, let me say I am not a shill or in anyway connected to the company or its owner. In fact I have never met or spoken directly to the owner Stan H. I have exchanged some emails with him this year related to his stainless razors, and what I can...

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    Captain Murphy

    Gillette Toggle Disassembly

    Thread Starter: Captain Murphy

    Greetings, fine people of Badger&Blade! It has been an absolute joy of mine to compile the resources, gain an understanding, and essentially take history apart, one piece at a time:biggrin: With the start of my disassembly/reassembly thread featuring the Gillette "fatboy" came a lot of...

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    My grandfathers Belgian Blue.

    Thread Starter: HolmerJ

    My grandfather passed away several years ago and I still miss him dearly. I was digging around in some boxes full of his things my mom had and found several of his whetstones. Several are Belgain Blues but one in particular jumped out at me. He carried this one friggen EVERYWHERE! I told my mom...

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    2015 B&B Bingo: The Great Outdoors Edition

    Thread Starter: jzuzphreek

    Welcome to the FOURTH Edition of B&B Bingo. If you missed any of the first 3 rounds, please check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE. The Topic: The Great Outdoors! This is a B&B Sanctioned game. To be eligible to play - You must: Abide by the B&B Terms of Usage, at all times Be a member in...

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