• Essential Fountain / Rollerball pen

    B&B's Essential Pen
    This one is not just for Fountain Pen Users!
    Brought to you by The Franklin-Christoph Pen Company
    Just in time for The Holidays!

    The B&B team is very pleased to announce the Badger and Blade Essential Pen. We are delighted to work with Scott from The Franklin-Christoph Pen Company. The pen will be based off of the Franklin Christoph Model 27 "Collegia" in the Tuxedo pattern. The Tuxedo pattern will have a black body with chrome accents. The pen will be available as a Fountain Pen, a Traditional Rollerball (uses ink refills) or as a Cartridge Roller System allowing you to use Fountain Pen ink to fill the converter for the Rollerball pen. And for those not sure they would like to use a Fountain Pen all of the time, a kit has been added to allow you to change out the fountain pen nib and section to either the traditional Rollerball section or CRS Rollerball section.

    The Fountain pen will be available in Steel nibs, widths include extra-fine, fine, medium and broad. In addition, Scott from F-C is allowing us to choose from the wide range of specialty nibs ground by the famed Nibmaster Mike Masuyama at NO additional charge, exclusively for this B&B Essential Pen.

    ♦ Markings will include the badger logo laser engraved on the top finial, as well as Badger and Blade around the bottom cap ring. The traditional four diamonds F-C markings will be layered on the clip.

    ♦ Cartridge / Converter (1 of each included) for fountain pens and CRS Rollerballs. Piper 888 refills for traditional rollerballs

    ♦ Spring Loaded Clips / Chrome Plated Trim

    ♦ Fountain Pens are available in factory Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. Additionally, custom ground nibs are available in needlepoint, medium italic, broad italic, medium stub, and broad stub. Custom nibs are ground by nib master Michael Masuyama.

    ♦ Designer's note: The FP and RB will post, but are a touch top heavy, so you may prefer writing without posting cap.

    ♦ Lifetime Warranty. Gift Box included. 30 Day Return Policy.

    The price for the pens will be:
    Fountain Pen $69.50
    Traditional Rollerball $59.50
    CRS Rollerball $59.50.
    Rollerball Sections (traditional or CRS) $20.00

    Measurements are 5.5 inches capped. Posted 6.5 inches. Diameter .48 inches. Weight 1.65 oz.

    Prices will include Shipping, to the entire World! As stated, specialty nibs are included, as well as Franklin-Christoph's Life Time Warranty (check website for details).

    To order your pen, Click this link, http://www.franklin-christoph.com/badger-and-blade.html, and order directly from the F-C Site.

    We hope to have the pen on sale on a regular basis, but act fast because the first 50 pens ordered by
    December 1, 2012 are guaranteed to arrive to you before Christmas!

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