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    First ever B&B Knife Sharpening Stone Group Buy

    Many wet shavers know that sharpening a knife is quite different from honing a razor. There's different techniques employed as well as different stones used. The feel and feedback that a stone gives back to the knife sharpener is crucial to the sharpener's ability to hold steady the angle to which he's working at. Dave at JapaneseKnifeSharpening has tried and tested just about every stone that is sold and has come to rely on a few key stones as his "core stones" because they do what he needs them to do and are consistent for the most amount/types of knives encountered.

    B&B has joined with JKS to bring to you a great set of knife sharpening stones and an instructional DVD at a reduced cost - "Dave Martell's Core Set of Sharpening Stones" paired up with Dave's "The Art of Knife Sharpening" DVD set.

    This set will fit the bill for the newest knife sharpener to the seasoned veteran looking for an upgrade. These stones work great with both European and Japanese knives.

    If you should have any questions please ask them as Dave is here to answer all concerns.

    Dave Martell's Core Set of Sharpening Stones + The Art of Knife Sharpening DVD 2-Disc Set

    Set includes the following:

    Beston 500x - A fast cutting yet very slow wearing stone, essential elements that make up a good coarse stone. This Beston 500x leaves a fine finish for this grit range and is an excellant stone for fixing edge chips/nicks as well as more serious grinding tasks. This stone cuts like a 220x but leaves a 500x finish. For knives that skid on diamond plates this stone will grab and go to work. I use this stone to remove edge nicks/chips, to set new bevels, thin edges, and flatten the blade roads of single bevel Japanese knives. I find it to provide great feedback and ease in "feeling the bevel" which helps in holding the knife steady and staying level in use. I keep two soaking in my bucket at all times and have always kept back-ups on hand "just in case of emergency". This stone is a must have in my opinion.
    Requires at least 30 min. soak time in water before use, however, it will work a lot better if left soaking for many hours prior to use. Also, this stone is best used after being lapped a couple of times to remove the harder outer layer of the stone. Some downward pressure (while sharpening) is advised to help bring the water to the surface for proper lubrication. For heavy metal removal do not flush the stone's surface clean during use, allow for a slurry to build to aid in cutting performance.

    Size - 200 x 70 x 25mm

    Bester 1200x - This is a nice wide fast cutting yet slow wearing coarse stone. It leaves a fine finish in this grit range and is an excellent stone to start off a normal sharpening session with as it cuts a bevel quickly. I find it to provide great feedback and ease in feeling the bevel which helps in holding the knife steady and staying level.
    Requires 30 min. soak time in water before use.

    Size - 210 x 75 x 25mm

    Suehiro Rika 5k
    - Here's a great value waterstone. The Suehiro Rika 5000x is one of the best feeling/feedback waterstones I've ever used, a pure joy to work with.

    This stone offers, what appears to be, a 3000x edge (not very shiny) however the edge quality is 5000x, no question about it. This stone makes a great stopping point for double bevel knives.

    Stone comes mounted on sturdy plastic base (wood base shown in picture is old style).

    Requires soaking in water - but only soak for as long as it takes to stay wet on the surface. If stone goes dry quickly it needs more time in the water.

    Size - 210 x 75 x 23mm

    The Art of Knife Sharpening DVD 2-Disc Set by Dave Martell - "Tactical Knives" Magazine Editor Steven Dick wrote (in the April 2008 issue), "I would have to rate this as the best DVD yet on using waterstones to sharpen Asian style knives"This DVD set, "The Art of Knife Sharpening" is an introduction into the world of hand sharpening knives. It concentrates on the use of waterstones and Japanese kitchen cutlery but is suited for all types of knives regardless of make, design, or purpose.

    Total cost including Conus Shipping is 157.84

    To make a purchase please do so directly though JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com
    Order> HERE

    Directions for checkout:Enter both of the following coupon codes:

    BnBGroupBuyWooHoo - This provides 10% OFF of the group buy set

    BnBFreeShipping - This allows for no shipping costs to be charged at checkout. Free shipping applies for CONUS orders only.

    *Submit your B&B username in the notes section.
    You must be a B&B member to take part in this group buy.

    International customers will be billed shipping costs at the time of order fulfillment.

    Please feel free to take advantage of the FREE shipping (from the group buy set) and add in additional items from the JKS store, Dave won't mind. Knives and handles are excluded.

    Group Buy end date - September 15th

    Orders will ship by -On or about October 20th

    Have a question? PM Dave or myself.
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