• Starting out? Listen Up-This Means You!

    I have noticed recently that many of our newest wetshavers are having problems with their routine after reading the forums,watching the Mantic videos, and obtaining the equipment. What follows is some general guidelines that should help make the transition much smoother(pun intended!).

    a. Preparation is the key. Focus here and the majority of your shaves will improve.

    b. Find out which direction your hair grows in- then the terms WTG,XTG, and ATG will actually mean something to you.

    c. Variety is not your friend(at this time.) Find out what works and stick with it-which leads to...

    d. Use 1 razor, 1 blade(type), 1 brush, 1 cream/soap for 1 month. This allows you to focus on your technique and will help us, your forum mates, to provide pinpoint advice if you are having/developing problems. Switching too many variables when starting out will only retard the learning process.

    e. Do not concern yourself with BBS shaves in the beginning-they will come. Your goal should be comfortable,presentable shaves; this leads us to....

    f. When starting out, 1-2 passes WTG are sufficient. You should not be adding XTG or ATG when your face has not even become accustomed to what you are doing yet. Once your face has adjusted, then add 1 different type pass to your routine-and only 1. Then if problems occur, you will know from whence they came.

    g. Be patient- you have been shaving badly for a long time and we know you want results and right now. However, it takes time to unlearn bad habits-so give yourself the time. Eventually the things you have read will make sense and you will obtain the BBS shaves.

    h. Finally, don't take things so seriously and beat yourself up because your shaves are worse. They will improve as your technique does and as your understanding of how your face responds to the new routine being applied. And finally....

    i. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!(of course you knew that phrase would be in here-wait until you really understand what it means!) Now that we have you as part of the collective , we expect you to pass on the knowledge you have gained-positive and negative. It will help those who come after.

    Hope this helps.

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