• The B&B's First Ever- Limited Edition Fountain Pen

    Badger and Blade's First Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    The 2011 LE
    By The Edison Pen Company

    The B&B team is very pleased to announce our first ever Limited Edition Fountain Pen.
    We are delighted to be working with renowned custom pen maker Brian Gray, proprietor of the Edison Pen Company.
    Brian has graciously offered us the opportunity to do a group buy on one of his Signature Series Pens. These pens previously have only been offered as “one offs’’.

    The Badger and Blade Limited Edition Fountain Pen will be based on the Glenmont model. The Glenmont is a very traditional design, we feel it captures the romance of the beginning of the of the last Century and Brian’s rendition of this pen is breathtaking.
    The pen will be constructed of premium black and green swirl ebonite, a gold filled clip and gold and rhodium filled steel nib.
    • Body Material: black/green swirl premium German made ebonite
    • Clip Material: gold-plated
    • Nib Material: Steel gold/rodium
    • Nib Size: #6 nib, in fine (0.5mm), medium (0.635mm), or broad (0.8mm)
    • Cap Type: Screw-type, postable on body
    • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/converter (included), or convertible to an eyedropper.
    • Overall Length (capped): 145mm/5 3/4"
    • Overall Length (posted): 165mm
    • Nib Length: 23.5mm (0.9in)
    • Weight w/ Cap 17g
    • Weight w/o Cap 10g
    • Cap Diameter .610"
    • Body Diamater .565"
    • Length Uncapped 4 7/8"

    Nibs will be available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

    The group buy will run for about two weeks. After the ordering period, this pen will no longer be available. All pens will be laser engraved with our badger head, serialized with x of xx, Badger and Blade Limited Edition, the engraving will be gold filled. (the pen shown has silver filling)

    ... And just in case you are on the fence about obtaining one of these limited edition pens, B&B will make your purchase even more special by donating a part of the proceeds from the sale of this pen to the Sue Moore Memorial Fund to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation in their fight against breast cancer.
    By purchasing this pen, you not only have the opportunity to purchase this beautiful limited edition pen but you also join B&B in our continued commitment to help end this disease. Ink for Pink continues here at B&B.

    The price of this pen is something that will certainly be appealing. Since Brian is doing this from all the same materials, the same design, with no customizations, he can give us a very good price. Due to the production setting of this pen's construction, it is easier for Brian to make numerous pens of the same style and material than it is to make a couple pens that are totally custom.

    185.00 USD Includes shipping CONUS.
    This group buy is open to all members; international shipping will be at additional cost.
    Please contact me for specifics to your location.

    Shipping and timing.
    We expect the pens to ship by 11/15/2011

    How to order

    Send a PM to Jim (including your PayPal e-mail address), and you will receive an invoice. Please note in your PM which sized nib you would like. The default size nib, if none is mentioned, will be a medium.

    Here are some additional photos showing the pen with the Gold clip and Nib, as we will be providing. The fill in the engraving will be gold on the production pen-

    These photos are a better representation of the pen in normal lighting.

    Here is a thread by Brian Gray updating us on the project- HERE
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