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hi all,
discovered this site cause i was getting increased irritation from routine shaving along with seeing a mens gift guide in a magazine that suggested a straight razor. So my research began. Well i ruled out a straight razor very quickly to much maintenance and with my 3 kids oldest which is 5y/o that made it less appealing.
well i would like try a D/E safety razor for a few reasons...
-I would like a good shave that wont irritate my face.
-I am looking at ways I can produce less waste, so disposing of a metal blade that I can recycle is much more appealing that using the plastic disposables.

Just curious what razor/blade combo be recommended for some one with a sensitive skin and would like to keep cost reasonable.

I currently using Burts bees Bay rum shaving soap with the brush that came with the gift set. I love that bay rum scent.

12-26-2008, 08:32 PM
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I'm sure one of the DE guru's will give you some advice much better than mine, but the Merkur 34C gets a lot of good press here. Check out West Coast Shaving (http://westcoastshaving.com/) for a blade sample pack and other supplies.

I was a vintage user in my DE days.

12-26-2008, 08:39 PM
While I cannot give you any advice about new DE razors (only because I don't have any yet), I know you can get a good shave from any number of vintage Gillette razors. I have a 1954 Super Speed that belonged to my grandfather that is a wonderful shaver, as an example, and because it's been in the family for so long, it's a type of recycling (it's also just cool shaving with something my grandfather used to shave with).

I'm considering buying a brand new DE razor and the Merkur HD (34c) is towards the top of my list. I also recommend a sampler pack of blades.

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Welcome! Welcome to B&B.

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Welcome to B&B. I am a vintage razor guy. I prefer the Gillettes over the Merkur hands done. The Merkur does get good reviews but I simple like the Gillettes better.
For sensitive skin, I would suggest a Tech , a 40's SS or even an adjustable set low. Use a good sharp blade (I'd suggest a sampler from WCS) and keep the pressure to a minimum. A good lather with help tremendously as well.


12-26-2008, 10:16 PM
Again, welcome to B&B!

Let me start by telling you that the Burt's Bee's shave soap is very difficult, to say the least, for a beginner. It uses no fats (kind of a "thing" with BB products, being all "natural" and stuff), so is fairly difficult to get a proper lather. Col. Conk shave soap (one is Bay Rum since you fancy that scent) is very cost effective and produces a great lather which is good for a beginner. Once you get the hang of proper lather building, then expand into some of the more pricey "boutique" type soaps and creams, or venture back to BB shave soap if that's what blows your skirt up.

As others have said, your razor/blade combo is a very personal thing. What works for one person may not for another. That said, Merkur makes a great line of DE razors, from the "Classic" at one end to the "Vision 2000" on the other. None really produces a better shave than the other, only how it is used and "feels" to the user. I personally recommend the Merkur Progress for a beginner because it's adjustable, giving you some "growing room". Another is a Gillette Fatboy available from eBay. Once you get good at your technique, you can get a more aggressive razor, like the Merkur Slant, Vision 2000, or even a Gillette red-tip Superspeed from eBay

Visit WestCoastShaving.com for some great blade sampler packs. Once you settle with a type razor, you can experiment with blade manufacturers to see what suits your style. Most folks here will tell you that Personna Israeli Red's or Derby Extra's are very forgiving for a beginner because they are comfortable and very forgiving, yet effective at whisker whacking.

Lastly, be sure to read the tutorials. There are mounds of information from the massive amounts of experience available here. I've been DE/Wet shaving for about 8 years and still learned a ton when I joined!

Most of all, have fun! Shaving won't be a chore anymore, it'll become a ritual!

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I have Merkur Slant Bar razors, and while I have tried vintage Gillettes, I found they did not give me as close a shave. Everyone is different though. Only been at this for six months, but the Red Pack Personna's, Crystal, and Derby blades give very smooth comfortable shaves.

With young one, you may want to consider spending a whopping 99 cents on a blade bank, so you safely dispose of the blades, or perhaps just flush them down the toilet? Unless you live in a house with an old bathroom cabinet that has the slot for blades built in.

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Hi. Glad you could join our party. :clap:

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some good advice above, I'll just add if you can control your purchases a good badger brush may outlast you, a tub of soap or cream can easily last on average a couple months, and you need not buy any fancy bowls or mugs just grab an old one as long as it is ok with swmbo,

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Welcome to B&B, you should find everything you need here.

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Bonescrub --


When you go to westcoastshaving.com for a blade sampler, order a 99 'blade bank' to keep old blades away from young children.

-- John Gehman

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Welcome! Get a Gillette Slim Adjustible and Derby blades.

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