View Full Version : Merkur 38c and feather = WOW

02-02-2008, 04:08 AM
I just wanted to say that I am amazed on what good of a shave I can get with feathers in my 38c. There are no nicks or cuts and my face is BBS after 3 or 4 passes. WOW.

02-02-2008, 05:28 AM
That is a great combo. I get the best shaves out of mine with a feather also.

02-02-2008, 05:58 AM
I thought I was a derby man but now feathers may be my thing.At least in the 38c.:smile:

02-02-2008, 06:39 AM
i used a feather in my krona yesterday, it cut open every bump on my skin, i think i have a problem with a heavy hair + sensative skin,
or maybe the razor is so mild it requires too much force by my part to get a decent shave