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01-28-2012, 03:30 PM
Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but's that because we've been very, very busy. I am still selling home made tallow shaving soaps (5$) and bath soaps (4$). For those of you who do not know me, i've been a member for a little over a year. About 6 month ago, I started experimenting with making my own shaving soap. There is even a thread showing my progress right here on B&B. The shaving soaps are quite different than other artisan soaps you will find on the net. First, it contains a healthy amont of tallow :001_wub:. Secondly like many commercial shaving soaps, it uses both Potassium and Sodium hydroxides to better use the stearic acid contents of the tallow, which makes for a more stable and creamy lather. Most (but not all) of the artisan soaps on ebay and Etsy only use Sodium Hydroxide. We also have home made lip balms, hand creams and body butters. Some pics below.

I am slowly moving out of Fee-Bay. We now have an eCrater sales web site open at www.mjsoapshop.com (http://www.mjsoapshop.com) where you can see our complete selection. Shipping will appear somewhat steep because of the mecanism used by eCrater to calculate, but no worries.. place the items you'd like in your cart, checkout, don't pay and let us know the order #. We will let you know the actual rate. If it's too high for your taste, no worries, the order will be cancelled with no hard feelings, or we will try to find another alternative for you. A hint: after hitting hard with an initial fee, Canada Post only raises shipping fees gradually. More items, better savings. A few bath soaps and hand creams will get SWMBO off your back for buying yet again more shaving gear lol.

We also now have a Facebook page with several pictures at http://facebook.mjsoapshop.com (it's a redirect) or http://www.facebook.com/mjsoapshop. A quick "like" or "share" would help us greatly to spread the word! Being based in Montreal, QC the site is somewhat bilingual but we make sure all announcements are in english. We'd really like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Products available at http://www.mjsoapshop.com

Thanks B&B!

Marie-Josee and Charles
MJ's Soap Shop