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09-05-2011, 10:41 PM
My last two shaves have left my face with way too much irritation (razor burn, stubble all over the place, razor bumps, etc...). Instead of waiting a few days between shaves (like I probably should have) I've been shaving everyday for the last three days.

Well, even though my face was pretty irritated, tonight I shaved with only Pre-Shave Oil (my own mix with olive oil and a little baby oil). I only use a pre-shave oil when using a straight, but really needed to get my face back to normal, which is why I though I would shave with only the pre-shave oil tonight. I used a Merkur 1904 straight bar, with an Astra SP (3rd shave).

I prepped my face with a hot towel (just like normal), applied the pre-shave oil (a little more than I would normally use), and very lightly began the 3-pass shave ritual, re-applying a little more oil between passes. It absolutely eliminated all traces of having an irritated face! The shave was very slick and very, very soothing, albiet not as 'ritualistically appealing' as would have been with a shave brush and lather. My face is flawless now, and feels wonderful.

I finished by washing off the trace of pre-shave oil with a mild soap, then a warm and then a cold water rinse, followed with witch hazel splash (my normal aftershave routine). My face felt so wonderful, that I thought I'd push the envelope by applying Arko Action After shave cream mixed with Stephan's Island Lime after shave splash.

There's something to be said about shaving with only a pre-shave oil, especially if you've got some irritation from the previous shave.

Has anyone else experienced this same outcome after your face was lit up from the previous shave?

09-06-2011, 07:56 AM
Oils, particularly a mixture like you're using without fragrances or other potential irritants seem like a good alternative to soap based products, particularly for those with sensitive skin. They're slick, moisturizing and non-irritating. The biggest drawback would appear to be they aren't water soluble, so they can make it more of a hassle to clean your face and razor.

Aloe vera, glycerine or propylene glycol gels are other alternatives worthy of consideration.