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08-20-2007, 12:18 PM
Ok reading all the posts, I am trying to sort this out...

I have been using a DE for some time. Works like a charm. Why on earth am I looking at getting a feather I do not know BUT I am.

I hate to say it but I dont care how its made or how it works. I want to know where I can buy a good soap to get the most enjoyable experience with a feather (straight).

So I am looking for some honest to goodness "straight" opinions. What works best: soaps, creams, trumpers, TABS, conks, mitchells, glycerine, triple milled, complex clay based soaps loaded with herbs, butters, barks and rare extracts.

Seriously, I am feeling that after reading some recent posts that there are some other products out there but in my search for the perfect soap I have come up with a soapy residue albeit for a small list that I keep close to me.

08-20-2007, 12:32 PM
Creams by Taylor and Truefitt & Hill work for me. The T&H "Ultimate Comfort" cream is very slick, with a faint scent of lavender. Both brands make plenty of lather.

08-20-2007, 12:39 PM
Well, I do prefer soaps when using a straight and creams when I used a DE. For me, the soaps allow better feedback from the razor and let me get a slightly closer shave. That's not to say I don't use an occasional cream (this morning was T&H 1805 :smile: )

As for brands, its...up to you. I particularly like TGQ soaps, but also Mama Bear soaps, triple milled European and English soaps (:wink: ). Its hard to say one is always better than another.

Go for the straight and have fun!


08-20-2007, 12:39 PM
Are you specifically looking for a soap, or would you be open to a cream?

As for soaps, I get good results with Trumpers and Kent/MWF.

As for creams, I really like JM Fraser.

08-20-2007, 01:18 PM
For creams I like Wars, Salter's, C&E Sweet Almond - those are my current favorites for straights. IMHO Salter's and C&E are especially protective.

For soaps, I like TGQ, and Tabac - at the moment.

08-20-2007, 03:56 PM
I have trumpers, tobs, tabac, conks, mb, tgq, st charles, mitchells, qed

a plethora of creams, soaps, shave sticks and curious do i need something special for a straight? :)

08-20-2007, 04:17 PM
...curious do i need something special for a straight? :)