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Joe Edson
01-04-2011, 08:50 PM
1)***sold*** Semogue LE #70 - Used this 4 times and found that it is just not dense enough for me. Amazing softness and good backbone, but I'm a density whore and extremely picky these days on brushes. I think it cost me $104 shipped. Asking $100 shipped to cover paypal and my shipping fees.


2) ***SOLD*** Saddleback Leather iPad Tobacco Brown Case - Brand new. Bought this for my mom for christmas and she thought it was too heavy. If I had an iPad I definitely would be keeping this as if you search around you can find some vids of how incredible this case is. Brand new they cost $104 plus $15 shipping. Asking $100 $90 shipped.


3) 7/8 Wade & Butcher in Custom Horn Scales - This is an excellent condition 7/8 Wade & Butcher slight smiling near wedge shoulderless blade. The blade is polished to a high mirror finish and contains very few imperfections. There is some very minor pitting near the tang stamp and exactly one dot of a pit on the front side of the blade. The tang reads "Manufactured by Wade & Butcher Sheffield" with only the "Sheffield" being slightly worn. Overall though the razor is in excellent condition.

The scales are custom black buffalo horn with an aluminum lined black micarta wedge and nickel/silver pins and stainless steel washers. Blade centers absolutely dead on.

The razor is shave ready and has an excellent edge as W&B's are known to have. I finished the razor on a Frankonian hone and my shave test lasted 18 hours of BBS goodness. Quite an impressive edge on this one.

Asking $180 $150 shipped CONUS. International please inquire


4) French Soap Lot - Whittling down the shave den and getting rid of some french soaps that I don't really use anymore. Included:

Cade Puck (used about 8 times, logo gone)
Provence Sante Verlaine (Milled into metal container, used 3-4 times)
Provence Sante Green Tea (Milled into Plastic container, used 5-6 times)
Pre de Provence (Used twice)

New these would cost $45 total. Asking $30 $24 shipped for the lot - CONUS only.


5) Soap/AS Lot - Large lot of stuff that just doesn't work for me or that I've found a better replacement.

Tabac in Ceramic Bowl (used 5-6 times)
GFT Rose Puck (non-tallow, used about 8-10 times, say 85+% remaining)
Mama Bear Czar's Choice (maybe 40-50% remaining)
Speick Stick Milled into metal container (used 3-4 times)
Erasmic Stick (New, Tallow 1st version, some slight crumbling of soap off one end)
Irisch Moos (Half a stick milled into a container)
Arko Sticks (2 new ones)
Palmolive Stick (Tallow, 1.5 sticks milled into a metal container, say about 75g worth)
Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn (milled into metal container, used 2-3 times)
Gold Dachs (One 75g puck milled into a metal container, used 4-5 times)
Some various Aftershaves (Aqua Velva (75% or so), Musk (65%), Skin Bracer (90%))

Asking $55 $45 shipped of which $10-15 will be the cost of shipping alone. CONUS only.


Joe Edson
01-06-2011, 07:44 AM
Price drop on all items

Joe Edson
01-07-2011, 07:48 AM
Free bump for nice items! I have a Saddleback briefcase and can attest to the top quality and deep aesthetic character of the leather. I would highly recommend someone snatches up this discounted item. That's also a very clean-looking custom W&B wedge; I still miss the one I had! It looks like Brad's work, is it?

Saddleback iPad case is sold.

Price lowered on the remaining items.
The W&B Wedge I actually did myself, but thanks for the compliment! :thumbup1:

Joe Edson
01-08-2011, 05:54 PM
Soap Lot's sold.

W&B remains.