View Full Version : ProShave - Anyone Try This Pink Stuff?

09-25-2010, 10:50 AM
I got a tub of this pinkish foamy stuff from from the guy who sharpens my kitchen knives here in Brooklyn. He also sells some beatuy supplies, shaving gear, etc.
Anyway - I was really standoffish when he showed it to me. It's pink and the container looks - uhm... cheesy. If I saw this stuff in a flea market I'd think it was something left over from the early 60s. Now - I love retro-styling and vintage advertising - so that charm isn't lost on me. What got me was the color and consistency - pink cream.. hmmm...
Ok - so it's like 5.00 for 8 oz. I can deal with that..
Being fearless I tried it first as a pre-shave. Woah - this stuff mops the floor with the Proraso pre-shave and the Kiehls pre-shave oil. It's slick, and my face seems to be in love with it big time. My face never felt so good after a shave.
Next shave following night - I added some to my bowl, mixed in the other parts of my recipe and again - woah.... while it wasn't my normal meringue-like lather - it was still thick, and slick, and intense.
This stuff is incredibly mentholy - and super slick. Apparently you can shave with it as a no-shave cream and I may give that a spin next. That never seems to work for me though.

Apparently this ProShave stuff has been made by the same family for a very very long time using the same recipe - today it's made in NJ but it used to be made in Brooklyn. At least - that's what I was told - and the tub does say made in Freehold NJ.
Anyway - I was wondering if anyone on this board has used it and had any sort of opinions about it. I didn't find any buzz about it anywhere on the internet.

09-26-2010, 07:28 AM
Whoops - I realize now that this post should not be here - I should have posted it in the 'Shaving Creams' section. Sorry 'bout dat- uhm, maybe the moderator would be so kind as to move it? - I'm not sure who that is or how to go about contacting them.