View Full Version : Shea Moisture, Ogallala, and the Microwave Oven

Papa Mo
08-30-2010, 05:14 PM
A little background info first:

I am new to wet-shaving (about 2 months in to it), but what got me started was the Shea Moisture products at Target.

I bought the SM shaving cream and brush to use with my Gillette Fusion.

The SM cream was goop, but the brush was okay, and I finally borrowed an old Gillette DE razor, bought a puck of VDH soap, and suddenly began to enjoy my shave.

The Shea Moisture stuff was nasty, so I dumped it out, but kept the container for later use.

Anyway, I bought a puck of Ogallala Bay Rum and Sandalwood soap from WCS and wanted to place it in the now-empty SM container. After chasing the puck around and around the container, I got the brilliant idea to put the whole thing in the microwave in order to melt the Ogaglla so that it would fit better in the SM container.

After 60 seconds, I opened the microwave to discover that the plastic SM container had shrank, it was not microwave-safe) and a large puddle of Bay Rum & Sandalwood soap was settling in the bottom of my microwave.

Thinking fast, I ran to grab a coffee mug to salvage the soap, plus I ran to get my brush and mopped up all of the liquid that I could.

I saved most of it, and am still using it today, but......the funny part for a newbie...

The next morning, I was eager to use my "pre-loaded" brush and started whooping up a bowl of lather,that kept growing, and growing, and growing....

My wife was laughing, my son was laughing, and I was looking for some strawberries and pound cake...

08-31-2010, 08:33 AM
FYI, the SM is not what you'd typically expect as it isn't meant to lather but coat your face. I picked some up and used it as directed and was surprised at how well it really does coat and moisturize while also providing great barrier for a close shave. It is like using a buttery spread not a foamy lather. I have been DE shaving for 7 years. I am always trying things I can find locally so that internet ordering isn't a barrier for those wanting to get started. The SM brush is actually good little brush for $10 too.