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08-18-2010, 11:10 AM
I have a Lamy Al-star that I really enjoy.

Recently used It when I was writing over white out tape. Ever since then the pen doesn't write.

Is there something that I can soak the tip in or how do I unjam the pen?


08-18-2010, 11:41 AM
You can start by soaking in warm soapy water and see if that helps. If you have a converter, you should be able to pump some water through the nib and feed. Failing that, I would simply remove the nib (very simple to do) by sliding it off the feed and then giving the whole thing another soak.
Good luck!

08-18-2010, 12:19 PM
A bit of diluted ammonia (not Windex) is a popular trick. Of course, don't immerse the whole pen, just the nib and feed. I imagine it would be right as rain after a thorough flushing.

Wait, we're talking about a fountain pen, right? :)

08-18-2010, 12:21 PM
Can you see light between the tines?

Perhaps the gap is blocked. You can very carefully take a DE blade and try to pass it between the tines (after you take the nib off) to clear them. I wouldn't use an SE blade - they are too thick and can mess up your tine spacing.

08-18-2010, 12:24 PM
Floss works as well as a razor blade. Everything I've red for ammonia calls for a very weak solution, maybe a cap full in a cup of water. I would think that a little pressure from a converter would do more than anything else to flush it out.

08-18-2010, 07:05 PM
I would just try a little warm water at first and if that does not work I would soak the pen in a little soapy water. I have never tried the ammonia.

08-18-2010, 07:16 PM
Some of the white out tape is probably jammed in-between the tines. Try the floss or you can get very thin brass or even mylar to try to floss between the tines, but dental floss should work. If that doesn't work you can try some rapidoeze pen cleaner, but don't use this on the pen, just the metal nib section. The metal nibs on the lamy pens slide right off the plastic manifold. They are also replaceable and cheap if it come to needing a new nib. The ammoinia soak might help, but ammonia is most useful for removing old dried ink.