View Full Version : What do folks think about the M1 Schick Injector Dial/ M2 Adjustable

05-21-2010, 01:01 AM
I've been really impressed by the shaves I get from my Schick Hydro-Magic I2. I've hardly been using my DEs at all.:biggrin1: I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the Type M1 Schick Dial and Type M2 Schick Adjustable razors are as I am thinking of acquiring one at some point.

I just wondered whether regular users of these razors think that the shave is noticeably better with the adjustable injectors as compared with the regular ones, or is the adjustable aspect just a gimmick?

05-21-2010, 01:53 AM
I have what I believe are two M3 adjustables. The descriptions on the usually cited Schick page (http://www.safetyrazors.net/schick/schicktech.htm) do not always quite match what I see.

I used one for 10 straight shaves earlier this month. Worked great, and the adjustment does make some difference in how it shaves. I ended up just putting it on 7, the next highest setting, and leaving it there. For me, I don't know if there is really an advantage over my G or I types, which are about right to begin with. Someone else, who wanted a milder razor, might like the option of lower settings. The trouble is, the adjustables seem to sell for a lot more on eBay at this time. No, I'm not looking to get rid of my spare right now.