View Full Version : Is camellia bad for celluloid?

01-29-2010, 08:14 AM
I've been using 100% cold-pressed camellia oil (got 500ml bottle in Japan in '91 and still has plenty) on every blade imaginable for years, including upon the straight razors of various scales I stored in a case for many years before ever dreaming of actually shaving with one, let alone getting it ready to do so.

Someone declaratively told me that camellia 'rapidly' destroys celluloid...anyone here ever heard of this? I don't put much on the blades, obviously (I've used <250ml in 19 yrs), and the stuff's really, really thick and barely spreads. But I've definitely kept it on the edges of every cutting device, and examining the razors that appear to have celluloid scales (if you rub them with your finger I smell a vinegary odor) I can't see any difference in their composition from whenever I got them and oiled them.

Perhaps 'rapidly' is a relative term, but does anyone here have any firsthand experience of quite inert 100% camellia oil negatively interacting with celluloid? If so, what would be a better lubricant for protection which wouldn't do so? Thanks!

01-29-2010, 11:11 AM
I use camellia oil on straights that are going into long term storage. Haven't had any problems with it. What you really, really, really want to avoid are solvents, in particular acetone. It will soften celluloid in seconds and melt it in minutes.