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  1. Have I just shortened the life of my shirts?
  2. lum tec
  3. Which Tissot should I get?
  4. My first "quality" watch, advice wanted
  5. Did I do a silly thing?
  6. Advice on dress watch
  7. Thoughts on vintage Titoni Airmasters?
  8. Can I still wear my Panama?
  9. Need to replace the B&B watch band. Anyone have a metal band on their LE?
  10. What is your favorite Allen Edmonds dress shoe?
  11. Orvis Wrinkle-free Khakis
  12. Dusty Closets
  13. A Nice Pocketwatch
  14. New watch suggestions?
  15. What briefcase do you carry?
  16. Kent Clothes Brush
  17. Allen edmonds Fifth Street Boot question
  18. Burberry- phtoowey!
  19. Looking for Some Advice - Improving my Middle-Aged Appearance
  20. American-Made Custom Shirts?
  21. Dopp Kit - Travel Toiletry Kit Recommendations
  22. Brookstone Watchwinder Quad model - help needed
  23. TYak leather?
  24. What watch bands for a black Chronograph?
  25. Online haberdashers
  26. what clothing/shoes/similar related items should a "gentleman" "have"?
  27. Silk. Not mentioned much here. Wondering why
  28. Sears Fedora
  29. Style - who do you take inspiration from?
  30. Help with suit purchase
  31. Looking for a new tote/messenger
  32. Three Piece Suits, When did they go out of style?
  33. How do I make my boots fit? They hurt my feet
  34. How do you knot your tie?
  35. Another Saddleback Leather Briefcase question
  36. Floto travel case
  37. Teach me about watches
  38. Cigar Shell Cordovan
  39. The Shoe Jones
  40. Attn. owners of Red Wing Beckman/Gentleman Traveler
  41. Thrift Store / Consignment Store Finds?
  42. Watch Band Replacement Parts
  43. Boot Brush??
  44. Your Dream Watch...
  45. Watch Question - Automatic vs. Kinetic?
  46. Rant....Crocs
  47. Help with synthetic leather shoe care
  48. Fedoras: Where to Buy?
  49. where to get good deal on wolverine 1000 mile
  50. Carhartt's and sizing
  51. Business-Casual Boot Recommendations
  52. Brugeut. I get it now
  53. The North Face McMurdo Parka
  54. Gico shoes?
  55. Dovo wash bag?
  56. Iron and Ironing Board Recommendations
  57. Starch or No Starch?
  58. Under Where?
  59. Has anyone bought shoes from Endless.com?
  60. Proper Laundering: Cotton - Non Wrinkle
  61. Shoe Shining
  62. Cyma Watch
  63. Hickey Freeman USA
  64. Watch Help!
  65. First watch for my 10 year old son - what to get?
  66. Gave my leather jacket a coat ...
  67. ZIP drives?
  68. Adcom score today!
  69. A Texas Winter
  70. Bubba Jeans
  71. shoe shine box
  72. Oiled leather shoes?
  73. Poor Experience with Citizen Watch Repair Service
  74. ugh!..Costco sold me dress pants
  75. Please take off your hat!
  76. Allen Edmunds 2 for $200 on ALL discontinued styles at Outlets thru 11/13.
  77. Straw Fedora in Winter?
  78. My Favorite Shoes Live On!!!
  79. It's almost winter here. My head is COLD!
  80. Watch blogs on TUMBLR
  81. Zipper or Button Fly?
  82. Shirt Stays/Garters: The Best Purchase I've ever made.
  83. J&M Shoes - There was a time...
  84. Funeral etiquette
  85. Shoe question
  86. New watch: seeking advice on straps
  87. Shearling work gloves source?
  88. Lightweight fleece?
  89. shirt and tie color combos
  90. High Gloss Dress Shoes
  91. Belair pocket watch
  92. looking for some vintage style pants,1800s ish
  93. Fedora's
  94. Pen in shirt pocket?
  95. Converting a Sweater into...
  96. Looking for a Decent leather AWOL bag for gifting, suggestions?
  97. best durable black office belt to buy?
  98. One day....
  99. custom title request ... but do these Persols look like chick sunglasses on me?
  100. Fire hose pants
  101. Orient Watch Coupon Question
  102. KEEN Bidwell boots
  103. Cardigans
  104. Anybody Got One of These on Their Christmas List?
  105. Barbour Beaufort or Filson Weekender?
  106. Help me out - does the watch I want exist? Countdown alarm chrono
  107. What is an inexpensive and recognized luxury watch?
  108. Smelly (new) shoes
  109. Help! Wool jacket is too small!
  110. SYMS and Filenes Are Over
  111. Suit selection, style color
  112. Recommend an online shoe store
  113. Love the look of felt hats, but...
  114. Favorite long-wearing duds?
  115. Bowties?...
  116. Stores that sell quality clothes
  117. Amy ABC-pphiles out there? Which ProTrek?
  118. Any swatch owners?
  119. 14 EEEE shoes
  120. Cap toe boots
  121. Need advice on rolling briefcase
  122. Buying clothing made in America
  123. Casio G-Shock Recomendation
  124. For all you AE Park Ave lovers...
  125. Putting rubber on leather soled shoes
  126. Suspender buttons
  127. Shoe trees?
  128. Help identifying a classic rock tshirt
  129. Leather work jacket
  130. College Student needs help picking a dress watch.
  131. Stuhrling Watches
  132. Untucked business casual?
  133. Finding glasses is frustrating (semi-rant)
  134. What is a good iron?
  135. Help me with my Red Wing Beckman care...
  136. Wearing a hat during winter
  137. Quality Budget Watch.
  138. First Allen Edmonds
  139. Alden or Allen Edmonds?
  140. It's Time for a New Wallet!
  141. Allen Edmonds Questions
  142. Question watcheheads: Marvin a good watch
  143. Mephisto- Why did I wait so long?
  144. Noticed a bunch of "what's a military watch" questions
  145. What to wear to a wedding?
  146. Orient watches - second hand hack?
  147. Need advice on dress clothes.
  148. Birkenstock Sandals "Arizona" - which online vendors UK EU Nth America has best price
  149. Leather grade - shoes - Allen Edmonds
  150. new clock advice
  151. Automatic watches
  152. Watch knowledge
  153. The Watch Snob answered my email!
  154. A little EDC pic. What do ya think?
  155. How to buy a fitted dress shirt?
  156. Interesting site for Xly hi qual clothing
  157. Is there a good quality Faux Rolex?
  158. Saddleback alternative?
  159. Brand Loyalty is a funny thing
  160. Looking for a watch for the teen boy
  161. "Classy" Digital Watches
  162. Need recommendation for watch service.
  163. Kinetic / Wind Up Watches
  164. Casio G-Shock 3000 series, have you tried it?
  165. Are Certina any good?
  166. Looking for a watch with superb luminous
  167. Tissot Visodate, anyone?
  168. Opinions on Citizen and Seiko RR watches
  169. Bulova Precisionist- thoughts?
  170. Jacket for music student
  171. Brooks Brothers shirts
  172. Fleece/sweatshirt/etc that doesn't fit like a TENT?
  173. What sunglasses are you sporting?
  174. I need a hat!
  175. Wool Scarves = Black bowties. Grrrr....
  176. Question about overcoat sizing.
  177. Branding a Saddleback briefcase
  178. Gentleman Arthur Ties
  179. Light overcoat for tall guy
  180. The Great Shanghai Sneaker Hunt, or: The Importance of Being Earnest
  181. Help Me Find a Watch, Please
  182. Watch for the Misses
  183. Watches - T or L Question???
  184. Multi-Purpose Boots Under $200?
  185. Getting Fitted For Shoes
  186. I wear a size 17/18 shoe. Am I screwed out of buying good dress shoes?
  187. Suits on Ebay
  188. J.D. Fisk Boots/Shoes
  189. Shaving brush/Hat brush
  190. Sanborn vintage watch find
  191. Looking for a good tailor in North San Diego County
  192. Any recommendations for good pocket watches?
  193. Shoe Shine Box Recommendation
  194. Cambridge Satchel?
  195. Dr. Martens Made in England
  196. Wolverine 1000 mile boots
  197. Buying my first hat
  198. Is the overpriced boot some sort of hipster thing?
  199. Help finding long rise trousers
  200. Worn Out Stuff You Like. Pics Strongly Encouraged
  201. Anyone know of a decent place to get an omega auto serviced
  202. wallets in back trouser pocket?
  203. The type of watch I REALLY wanted as a kid.
  204. IWC Pilot's Chronograph Watch
  205. Shoe Polishing
  206. My 3 Vintage Bulova watches
  207. New Suit Adjustment Period?
  208. Shirt tails - tucked or untucked?
  209. Mondaine
  210. Help Clean Cloth/Wool Hat
  211. Collar Pins
  212. Doc's Heritage fit
  213. Shoe polishing help
  214. Paracord watch straps / accessories
  215. What Defines a Tux for you?
  216. Wearing dress shoes everyday.
  217. OTC dress socks that do not slide down?
  218. Good source for bowties?
  219. Orange Monster
  220. Watch Noob
  221. Shirt-tail tuck & age question ...
  222. Care and feeding of dress shoes
  223. Saphir Shoe Cleaning Line
  224. Decorating tips for the recently divorced modern man
  225. Fine old shoes - Can I replace the insides?
  226. Are you as fashionable as a common criminal?
  227. Cordovan Shoes: I need your help and opinion
  228. Favorite Brand of Men's Dress Shoes
  229. Lost my Wedding Band...
  230. Mountain Hardwear shirts
  231. Are monograms pretentious?
  232. Couple of Good Buys
  233. The under $100 watch challenge
  234. Pants Questions
  235. Breaking in a pair of dress shoes.
  236. Love for the Vintage Dude, and Etsy Treasury list
  237. WTB: Orange and grey tie
  238. Ideals for Shaving dopp bag
  239. Watch Accuracy
  240. Watch AD.... itching.... but I'm a broke medical student
  241. Shoe Tree Question
  242. Anyone had experience with Veneto dress shirts?
  243. Need Recommendations for Vintage Watch Repair
  244. For you guys (gals) who wear Hats
  245. The Haberdashery is where it is at
  246. Dressing the Man by Flusser
  247. SEIKO 5 runs way Fast and I fix it!
  248. Bow Tie and Tie Wrinkles
  249. Promotion shoe advice.
  250. Coat Advise