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  1. FREE Dior Leather Oud
  2. Archerfire Decants - Christmas Presents!
  3. Garry's Sample Shop - 3 Free Samples Christmas Contest!
  4. Captainís Choice Gift Set
  5. What a bone-headed idea! (Contest)
  6. FaceBook Contest Running
  7. Sensitive Skin Giveaway
  8. Valentineís Day Contest from Captainís Choice!
  9. Super Bowl XLVI Contest
  10. Nominate a Tallow Critic!
  11. Queen Charlotte Soaps hand and body soap contest
  12. "What was the first Shavetool that clicked for you?" Contest.
  13. Free Coffee
  14. Win BIG if you can identify that new customer!
  15. Free Blade Sampler Pack from The Shave Shed Australia
  16. Guess How Many
  17. Exploring the world with Shavetools contest.
  18. Win a Semogue 1305 Shaving Brush from The Shave Shed Australia
  19. Queen Charlotte Soaps active duty and veterans contest
  20. Name my baby, get a prize
  21. Win a free custom brush and other goodies
  22. Mothers Day Contest!
  23. Captainís Choice Gift Set for a Fatherís Day Contest!
  24. Win a Free Tube of Proraso Sandalwood!
  25. BullGoose's Butterscotch Beehive Give-Away
  26. Win a FREE bottle of Captain's Choice if...
  27. Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!
  28. BullGoose's Tcheon Fung Sing Give-A-Way
  29. Win a FREE Apothecary Shaving Mug +Goodies
  30. Win Queen Charlotte Soaps' newest product
  31. Win a Free Muehle/HJM Black Fibre Shaving Brush!
  32. Italian Barber Saturday Giveaway!
  33. Win an exclusive sample of a product not available for sale yet!
  34. BullGoose's Krampert's Finest Give-A-Way
  35. Win a Free Vie-Long 13070 Premium Horsehair Brush With Olivewood Handle!
  36. SCS Breast Cancer Awareness Contest
  37. Archerfire Decants - Fragrance Give Away
  38. The HandleBar Supply Arko Giveaway
  39. Captain's Choice Halloween contest!
  40. ChicagoShaving's Silvertip Badger Brush and Menthol Palmolive Shaving Cream Giveaway
  41. MOVEMBER and SCS
  42. Win a Free Proraso Blue Aftershave Balm with the Shavetools Holiday Contest.
  43. BullGoose's Vie-Long Derby -Win a J.L. Petree Horse Hair Brush
  44. Captain's Choice Anniversary Contest
  45. Heads up from SCS
  46. Win a Semogue 1305 Brush From Shavetools.com
  47. Win The HandleBar's Avocado Shaving Cream
  48. Garry's Sample Shop - Follow Me On Twitter & Win A Prize!
  49. Captain's Choice contest - FREE bottle to the winner!
  50. SCS Contest
  51. Father's Day Contest from Captain's Choice!
  52. Win a Muehle R106 This May From Shavetools.com This Father's Day.
  53. 2 free Imaginary Authors sample packages
  54. Captain's Choice contest honors our men and woman in uniform!
  55. Win a free bottle from Captain's Choice!
  56. Win a Recon 8 Dopp Kit from Alpha One Niner!
  57. 10 Free CAPE HEARTACHE samples
  58. Captain's Choice NEW PRODUCT contest!
  59. BullGoose Beehive Bonanza -Win a Free Vie-Long Beehive in Narural Horse
  60. Win a Free Bottle of Village Barber's Shaving Oil from Chicagoshaving.com
  61. Movember and SCS!
  62. Win a Beaumont Shaving Brush
  63. Shavetools.com Movember 2013 Contest
  64. Captain's Choice contest for the holidays - you pick!
  65. RedBeardRazors.com Muhle Razor and RedBeard T-Shirt giveaway!
  66. Win a $100 Store Credit at BullGoose Shaving Supplies
  67. Queen Charlotte Soaps - win free soap and shampoo bars for a year!
  68. Win a Simpson brush and more in the Shavetools.com Birthday Sale.
  69. FREE BOTTLE to several lucky winners - a Captain's Choice offering!
  70. AmazingShaving.com- Free Simbatec Razolution in Exchange for an Honest Review!
  71. Win a free lotion bar from Queen Charlotte Soaps
  72. Win a $25 BullGoose Shaving Store Credit -One Winner A Day For A Week
  73. FREE Captain's Choice bottle - THREE chances to win!
  74. Win A Parker Open Comb Razor from BullGoose Shaving
  75. FREE bottle to be given away here:
  76. Win A Merkur Futur Safety Razor
  77. SCS Contest
  78. Memorial Day Contest
  79. Win a Tub of Piccadilly Shaving Cream from BullGoose Shaving Supplies
  80. WIN a Homefires Starfish Moss Scuttle (Large)
  81. "Help Us Name Our New Scent" Contest
  82. A FREE bottle not yet released - yours for the taking!
  83. Win a Simpsons brush at Shavetools.com this August
  84. Win a Grooming Co. Shaving Brush from BullGoose Shaving Supplies
  85. Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com
  86. Brand New Contest, brand new vendor Lovgren & Daughter!
  87. Win a Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush at Shavetools.com this Halloween!
  88. Contest Win a Ivory Starfish (Real Starfish) Moss Scuttle (Large)
  89. PIF Brush Giveaway, Lovgren & Daughter Celebrates 2014