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    Thank Neptune Labor Day is over.

    Thread Starter: brians_myth

    The holiday seasons always bring me a smile or two. Extra days off while getting paid? I think so! But sadly I don't enjoy the days off the way I used to. Sure, the BBQs are tasty and the company is nice but I can't shave! If I so much as reach for my razor, my girlfriend is there to stop me. She...

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    Question about Knot Diameter VS Loft

    Thread Starter: Foyle

    I posted a question about this in the restoration forum, but didn't get much response. I'm looking for a little more insight into the issue of setting brush loft. I got one response on that question and was advised that 48-52mm would be good. I'm about to re-knot a vintage Klenzo with a TGN 20mm...

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    Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger

    Thread Starter: Loric

    I got my new Morris & Forndran Blond Badger brush in the mail today, and its very very nice. I just used it for the fist time and wanted to post my impressions while they were still fresh in my mind. The brush has obviously not broken in yet, but it has amazing backbone and ultra soft...

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    Shave like grandpa

    Thread Starter: AZBronco

    I've been thinking about how many of us like to think we shave like grandpa. But I think there's a big difference between us and grandpa--RAD, SAD, SCADD, etc., while grandpa likely had one razor, one soap or cream, one brush, and one aftershave. In the spirit of gentlemanly restraint, I'm...

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    Who wants to win a bunch of great creams?

    Thread Starter: beginish

    Check this out, and hope that you come in last in the drawing!

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    Barbasol smells like American Blend

    Thread Starter: Bloozepicker

    I detect no difference in these. The Barbersoul I received today is a duplicate of American Blend. Am I just remembering the smell of Barbasol incorrectly? I do not remember is smelling like this.

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    First Safety Razor Purchase?

    Thread Starter: merikus

    Hello all, I'm new to wet shaving. I've spent my life using electric razors and recently decided to make the switch. I decided to start with a shavette-style blade, and have been having some trouble with it. Mostly I've been having issues with having sufficient time to dedicate to the straight...

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    Mgoblue!!'s Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Thread Starter: Mgoblue!!

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Blake What are your nicknames/aliases? Mgoblue!!! Where do you live? Michigan What is your age (or) generation? 30 What are you in the real world? Teacher What is your favorite shave setup? 1956 Gillette Super Speed TTO my grandpa gave it to me ...

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    My shave setup

    Thread Starter: linux_author

    greetings! dunno how many folks post pics of their shave setups (although i have seen some remarkable photography of gear), but i thought i'd post a quick pic of my setup... (background: i was first given a tiny Gillette in 9th grade while growing up in an orphanage in Philadelphia, but...

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    Edwin Jagger; My experience

    Thread Starter: OnlookeR7557

    I wanted to make this a separate thread so people would see it as opposed to a reply. I currently own 20 soaps and creams. Several of my soaps are hard tripled milled soaps including Mitchell’s Wool Fat and DR Harris which many people have problems creating a good lather. I have always had great...

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