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    Newbie from Carbondale, IL

    Thread Starter: Blayzn

    I decided to take up DE shaving since I can no longer afford the expensive cartridges from the store. I haven't started yet, still waiting on items to arrive in the mail, and will have to order the rest next month. I have to go the cheap route. From everything I've been reading, I'm making the...

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    Eau d’orange verte

    Thread Starter: buffdaddy

    Hey All, Was at Nordstroms the other day and I tried this on. Wow, very nice! Nice citrus with a hint of mint and spice. Reminds me of Verdon from L'Occitane. Just wanted to know if anybody uses this and can give a bit more insight? ...

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    How will you shave during Zombie Apocalypse?

    Thread Starter: Batman9402

    Well I had some fun getting razors cerakoted. I knew one would be black but when I saw a zombie style I said thats what the other will be here ya go :)

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    Canadian Check-in

    Thread Starter: CaptainTime

    I love forums for my hobbies (knives, whittling, star gazing) so was really intrigued to find an entire forum dedicated to the manly art of shaving. :001_smile Over the years, I have tried electric razors but didn't like the result. I have tried the higher end cartridge razors and never really...

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    G'day, new member.

    Thread Starter: Wowzer

    Hi all. stumbled across this site researching de razors, great source of info. i got sick of irritation so I decided to try de razors for a month or so and see what difference it makes. down under there aren't really any shops that sell too much de gear apart from the odd shave shop so...

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    Where do the kids go now to buy blades?

    Thread Starter: linty1

    Hello, blades last me a long time, an order of 8 packs of astras will last me over a year, nevermind a whole sleeve of them. I used to buy from Razor blades and more, as they let you pick individual packs, and away you go. Anyways, cue to today, I went back and had a look... And their d.e. Razor...

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    Any exclusive drinkers of ice coffee?

    Thread Starter: ColeMinor

    Perhaps it is due to living in Phoenix or an oddity of mine, but I dont like my coffee hot as it makes me sweat...always drink it ice cold...anyone else or am I on an island?

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    Cheap Splashes are for Real Men

    Thread Starter: Clubman4Life

    My first cologne was Polo Green followed by Polo Sport, Nautica, Cool Water, Dolce & Gabana, etc. Being from NYC and embracing the Guido culture, I used about twenty sprays before leaving the house. That was high school into my early to mid twenties, then I got into "Body spray". Up...

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    Alejandro Salemandro

    Is this an Arkansas stone?

    Thread Starter: Alejandro Salemandro

    Picked up this one in a nice fitted wooden box that shows quite a bit of age. Cleaned off some oil that was on one side of it and was surprised to see a reasonable looking surface emerge from under the grime. I bought it to sharpen some knives and am axe with. Any ideas what it is?

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    My 1 Year Anniversary PIF

    Thread Starter: 3LeggdFox

    Well it's almost that time. My One Year Anniversary Of Me Joining Badger & Blade! I thought what better way to Celebrate it with the Wonderful Members on this Forum. Members in Which have been helpful on my Journey from Hating shaving with Carts to I can't wait to shave. In the span of a Year of...

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