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    Shavemac recommendations

    Thread Starter: Waijay

    Hello all, I've been looking at getting a custom shavemac recently, and just wondering if you had any good recommendations for a face latherer. I currently own a duke 3 and it's a touch on the larger size. The shavemac brushes are just so beautiful. Please share with me your experiences :)

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    How do you store your razors?

    Thread Starter: TheDude82

    Alright fellas, here's the deal. I am slowing amassing a number of razors and have nowhere to put them. My wife has me confined to this "small" section of cabinet above the toilet. I am thinking of hanging them along the top of the back on some pegs. But, before I go and do that I thought I...

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    Question about adding sunscreen after shaving

    Thread Starter: TinyTim

    Gentlemen, I've had skin cancer in the past and am under doctor's instructions to add sunscreen to my face before going outdoors. A low SPF is okay, but no sunscreen is not okay. I'm looking for any suggestions for a sunscreen that doesn't have a scent. Sunscreens have an unpleasant...

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    SOTD "Slant" Theme Week 18-24 August 2104

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Gentlemen, Welcome to another week of great shaves. Be sure to check out the 2014 Roundup- Fundraiser and Shaving Swag Giveaway! http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/417261-2014-Roundup-Fundraiser-and-Shaving-Swag-Giveaway This week's theme is Slants, so show them if you've got them....

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    What are you listening to?

    Thread Starter: paydepst

    Hope there isn't another thread like this one already! This week I've been listening to the finest export to come out of Canada since Moosehead lager... Snakes and Arrows by the YYZed lads... RUSH

    Last Post By: tejolot3 Today, 06:25 PM Go to last post

    St. Louis straight

    Thread Starter: dieseleagle04

    Hey guys. . I'm currently looking on ebay for a couple spares and some blades to practice honing on. I've recently noticed that there were an abundance of blades ground here in St. Louis, so this has really piqued my interest. Can anyone tell me some brands that were made in St. Louis,...

    Last Post By: hig789 Today, 06:25 PM Go to last post

    New Way to Add Water to Lather

    Thread Starter: ackvil

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting, Bernard, a 95 year old man who still shaves himself. Bernard was in a wheelchair and was with his attendant when I saw him looking at the shaving display in an AoS store. I started a conversation with him and he said he had used a straight for many years...

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    Special Birthday SOTD

    Thread Starter: Doc4

    The title kind of says it all! If it's your birthday, post your SOTD here instead of the weekly thread. Now, don't just post any old SOTD. You know and I know, and they all know, that your birthday is a special day, and you will (not "might" ... WILL) treat yourself to something special. ...

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    Just got some Clubman Bay Rum and Classic Vanilla

    Thread Starter: guyakaguy

    I just got the bottle of Clubman bay rum and classic vanilla I ordered. As far as the bay rum goes I have to keep reminding myself that Clubman has a way of making bad first impressions and then growing on you. It has a cloying spice at first then it cools off, but becomes almost a powdery musk....

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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    Thread Starter: tmartin89

    I think whether a newbie or an experienced shaver, you should always learn something from every shave, no matter what it is. So, I guess i'll start. Today I learned not to get greedy looking for a BBS shave, and that a 2 pass with clean ups is enough for a DFS.

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