The pack says only "365 Stainless" on front in orange and black ink. On back it says: Made in India, Gillette India Limited, Bhiesfi-301019. MRP Rs 12.25.

So the cost is 12 rupees, or about 30 cents, for a tuck.

I see these for sale occasionally in India, as well as online, such as eBay, sometimes paired with the faux straight razor used by barbers that takes a half-blade.

I was hoping someone with more experience with these blades than me would post a review. Failing that, here's my limited experience:

I have used three blades. The first was bad, though I managed to get a shave and a half out of it. The second was terrible. I rotated it to try all four edges, but none were sharp. I gave up and used a different brand to finish the shave. The third blade was excellent, as though it might be a 7 O'clock. What's going on here? Are they seconds from the better Gillette lines? I don't know, and I don't care. I've got better things to do with my face than play razor roulette.