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Parker (2010 Model) 99R (TTO) Razor Reveiw

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2 7717 Sat July 21, 2012


Recommended By Average Price Average Rating
100% of reviewers $30.00 10.0


Price: Rating 10

Hey…what can I say…for around 30 bucks w/ 10 Blades…I’d say I got a real good deal (if I don’t say so myself)

Quality: Rating 9

I can say that Parker has greatly increased its quality and durability in their Razors (especially the 2010 Models). I have been using this for many weeks now and have no complaints…I’m really pleased with this Razor. Although not Stainless Steel like my old Gillette Fat-Boy, I believe their 2010 design with brass over nickel plating could stand up with the best and more expensive Razors out there.

User Friendly: Rating 9

I believe one of the best aspects of this Razor is the weight which I like a lot …not yet a monster but at 3.2oz, it has more weight than my Parker 96R, and is a ‘plus’ for ease of shaving.

Grip: Rating 9.5

The grip on this Razor is very ‘sure’ even when wet and the handle is big enough because this Razor has a 4in textured (machine-turned), handle to ‘fit’ even the Wet-Shaver with ‘Bear Claws’ for hands. The ‘Barber Pole’ is what is the neatest thing about this Razor…it just feels soooo great in my hand.

Ease of Blade Replacement: Rating 9

The ease of Blade replacement is ‘quick, easy and flawless’ with the TTO doors opening with no slippage and/or ‘creakiness’ and TTO doors are ‘tight’ when closed using the knob on the end.

Aggressiveness: Rating 10

This Razors performance in terms of aggressiveness is outstanding, depending on the ‘angle’ you use. By far, the most aggressive Double-Edge Razor I have ever used (certainly more aggressive than my Parker 96R).

Adjustability: Rating 9

The edge ‘gap’ on both sides with the TTO doors closed is very even and the blade (I use “Shark” SS Blades), edge is evenly exposed, (although on my Parker 96R…there is a bit of unevenness with regard to the blade edge being exposed). Also, depending on the angle you use, this Razor may / will need in my opinion…your most special attention, because…one ‘hurried’ slip and OMG …you’re may get ‘cut’ pretty bad (may have to ‘call-in-sick’ that day).

Balance: Rating 8

The Barber Pole Handle is beautiful to say the least…a ‘beauty’ to behold. It’s heavy enough not to affect the balance (it seems the Parker for 2010 did some really good R&D this time), in my opinion a very well made and ‘fun’ Razor to use

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Razor RajahRegistered: January 2010Location: Connecticut ShorelinePosts: 2017
Review Date: Sun February 13, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated Rating: 0 
Price: 8
Quality: 7
User Friendly: 8
Grip: 10
Ease of Blade Replacement: 8
Aggressiveness: 9
Adjustability: -1
Balance: 10
I chose the 2010 model Parker 99R to review for several reasons. My first DE razor was a Parker 91R that I found serviceable, but only used for a month. It was soon replaced with Merkurs and Gillettes, and has sat in the back of my drawer for over a year. Recently, I heard about the quality improvements in the Parker line, and the aggressiveness of the 99R. So I thought I would give it a try. I am a fan of aggressive razors and use them exclusively. I wondered how this new model would stack up.

My first impression of the razor was that it was handsome and well-balanced with an outstanding handle and grip. I loaded it with a new Astra SP blade, which is a favorite that I am familiar with. I have used the razor with Astra blades exclusively for the past three weeks. This review is my impression to date:

Price: The cost of this razor (under $30) and the great shaves it gives should make it attractive to budget-conscious shavers at all levels of experience. However, higher-quality razor are available for just a few dollars more and may have better long-term value. I gave it an "8" because while it is a bargain, better made razors are only a couple of dollars more.

Quality: The overall manufacturing quality is good, but not as good as vintage Gillettes or new EJs in the same price range. The quality shows in the details. The exposed edges of the safety bar, which are neatly machined with hair guides on quality razors, are cheaply imitated by embossing on the Parker. On my 99R there are gaps in the combing that give the appearance of missing teeth. I admit this is a minor problem and cosmetic issue. The chrome finish is well done on all surfaces, and very nice on the barber-pole handle. Blade alignment and the screw mechanism are both excellent, but the Parker does not give the extra quarter-turn lock of a Gillette. I tried loading a dozen different blades and they all seated perfectly every time. The doors of the TTO mechanism seem lighter than my Gillette's. They work smoothly but flop loosely and make a clinking sound that is not reassuring. I gave it a "7" because it gives the impression of a razor made with manufacturing shortcuts, lesser quality control, and with questionable longevity.

User Friendly: I gave it an "8" because of its simple TTO operation that seated blades perfectly every time. The silo doors, however, do not have a firm, sure close, and loosened by themselves one time. The grip, balance and control I felt with this razor made sure, close, comfortable shaves easy.

Grip: I think this is the best feature of this razor and I gave it a "10". The barber pole spiral ridges provide a secure grip under slippery conditions. The handle is well-suited to those who prefer a longer, heftier razors with great balance. I would argue it may be the best I've ever used. A "10".

Ease of Blade Replacement: Very easy TTO operation with perfect blade alignment every time. The light, floppy silo doors and their clinking sound cause me to question their longevity. The handle twists to close the doors, but does not have the extra quarter-turn to lock them. My doors opened slightly after a blade change, and needed to be checked before every shave. An "8".

Aggressiveness: This is an aggressive razor capable of giving really fine shaves. With an Astra SP, it is more aggressive than most fixed-head DEs I own, nearly as aggressive as a 39C Sledgehammer, and comparable to a Fatboy set at "6/7'. This razor does give really fine shaves. A "9"

Adjustability: This is a non-adjustable razor. "N/A"

Balance: I like the heft and balance of this razor very much. It is neither top- nor bottom-heavy. A "10"

Overall: I like this razor very much, and it gives me some of the closest and smoothest shaves I've ever had. It compares well in shave quality to my Merkur 38C, 39C slant and Gillette Fatboy set at 6/7. It feels natural in my hand (I like substantial razors with long handles) and is very easy to control because of the excellent grip. On the down-side, I can't help but wonder how long it will last. There were minor quality issues with the texturing on the safety bar and clinking sound of the silo doors that make me feel it is not the same quality of other razors in its price range. These, in fact, may be non-issues in the long run. It is too soon to tell.

Some time down the road, I'll be proud to hand down my Merkurs, Gillettes, Gems and Ever Readys to my nephews. I wonder about my Parkers.

Jim S.
"You can always tell who the pioneers are. They're the ones with arrows in their backs." --Silicon Valley saying
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Wet Shave RecruitRegistered: July 2012Posts: 6
Review Date: Sat July 21, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $30.00 Rating: 10 
Pros: Quality and cost
Cons: None found so far
Price: 10
Quality: 10
User Friendly: 10
Grip: 10
Ease of Blade Replacement: 10
Aggressiveness: 9
Adjustability: 1
Balance: 10
This is a replacement to my Merkur vision 2000. The Merkur butterfly assembly snapped off and I have yet to get a replacement part. So far I am impressed with this razor. I like it a lot and the shave that I can get it very smooth. I was surprised when I read that this is an agressive razor. Three years after using a Merkur, I guess this one feels less aggressive. It does a wonderful job. the design is simple enough to last longer than an ultra complicated Merkur. I stopped using Derby blades in my Merkur because they were too harsh. In this shaver, they are great. I think that the less complicated mechanism allows the blade to be seated better and more evenly.

This is not an adjustable razor, but I think the gap is just right. On my Merkur, I stuck with one setting for 90% of the time. The smooth finish feels odd to me. after using a powder coated or brushed finish for a while, this finish seems odd. I am not used to a smooth polished finish.

Overall I like this razor a lot.
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