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*Frank Shaving (FS) Silvertip Shaving Brush Reveiw

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2 3989 Mon January 24, 2011


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Price: Rating 10
Wonderful…at about $27.00 with shipping from China (if I don’t say so myself)

Quality: Rating 9
Keeping in mind it's a Silvertip Brush…it is altogether a very well made brush. The knot is tight, dense with very fine hairs and the Faux Ivory handel is also well made, beside the ‘FS’ stamp that is beginning come off, but hey…it does not in any way detract away from the effectiveness of this Brush.

Density: Rating 10
Again, the knot is quite tight and dense and it hasn't shed many hairs in my months of use thus far.

Stiffness of Tips: Rating 9
The Brush’s tips are very supple and the ’bloom’ neatly resembles a beautiful ‘bulb’ shape. Compared to my Caswell Massey Pure Badger Hair Brush with a medium mock ivory handle, which has quite stiff tips, the FS Silvertip is in a class by itself. ‘Floppy’ might be too strong a word, but I would classify the FS Silvertip Brush as ‘supple’ and ‘flexible…a pure ‘joy’ to run one’s hand through the ‘bloom’.

Softness of Tips: Rating 10
The bristles are very fine, very striking (with a natural white to off-white colouring), and quite bushy. The knot is compressed adequately in my opinion to keep this Brush from being ‘floppy’ with plush softness in the silvertip head. Put side by side, the FS Silvertip is so much softer than my Caswell Massey Pure Badger Hair Brush.

Ergonomic: Rating 9
This Brush has a good sized knot (see dimensions below i,e,. short loft), and looks even superior ‘in bloom’. The Faux Ivory handle on this Brush could have been a little bigger in view of my carpal tunnel disability in both wrists, I’ve noticed that certain brushes (and razors for that matter), are not very comfortable in my hands, but this brush is a 'dream' to use, the Faux handle is well made and easy to hold and I feel very 'pampered' every time I lather-up.

Base: 3.4cm (1.34inch)
Width of knot at base: 2.3cm (0.91inch)
Width of knot at top: 5.3cm (2.09inch)
Length of knot: 5.5cm (2.17inch)
Total length of handle and knot : 10.5cm (4.15inch)

Latherability: Rating 10
OMG… this Brush really generates a lot of lather. Water retention of this Brush is wonderful and with just about six (6), ‘whips’ around my Williams Shaving Soap, this Brush still has the strenght to stand up with this soap...producing a rich and dense 'stiff peak' lather even though it is very ‘supple’, but, what a feeling on your face

In closing, I really 'Love' my *FS Silvertip Shaving Brush and I have no issues with this Brush and in my is the best Silvertip Brush for your money $$$

Keywords: *Frank Shaving (FS) Silvertip Brush Reveiw
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Strop Me GentlyRegistered: December 2009Location: Avondale, PAPosts: 12310
Review Date: Tue October 12, 2010 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated Rating: 0 
Price: 7
Quality: -1
Density: 3
Stiffness of Tips: 4
Softness of Tips: 8
Ergonomic: 8
Latherability: 7
The score of 10 for density drew my attention to this review. This brush is average/decent density for the price (based on the other cheap badgers I've seen). It is NOT a dense brush. Tips are quite soft, not stiff at all (I rate stiffness opposite of the previous reviewer... more stiffness = higher stiffness score). Handle felt fine. It lathered as well as any other cheap badger brush. Handled soft soaps without problems. Couldn't compete with a high end brush of course. Price was fair for what you got, but I'd say spring for a Custom TGN and get a much better brush for only a bit more money. No rating for quality because I bought the brush out of curiosity and didn't keep it long enough to see quality. It wasn't a bad shedder at least. I seem to remember it lost 1-3 hairs first use and none after.
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Peer of the TallowRegistered: August 2008Location: Bangalore, India & Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 2339
Review Date: Mon January 24, 2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated Rating: 0 
Price: 10
Quality: 10
Density: 5
Stiffness of Tips: 7
Softness of Tips: 8
Ergonomic: 10
Latherability: 8
I have had a FS brush in my rotation for a while now. I must say, it is a fantastic brush for the money!

I picked up the finest for $20 shipped! The handle alone is worth this much (seriously, TGN sells the same handle for $20!). The quality is damn good. No flaws with the handle and the knot is glued very well, no visible glue marks.

It hasn't shed even one hair since the first test lather! It has good backbone (I got a custom set at 50mm) and the tips are really nice and soft.

It is a great lathering brush, no trouble lathering any soap (even MWF). I face lather so the lower density is something I am really enjoying as it doesn't hog the lather at all, placing it in the face where it is needed!

For the price, I think everyone should have a couple of these in rotation! I just love the way my FS brush performs! As a bonus, you even get a drip stand with every brush, these are worth like $6 on their own!!!

(for comparison, I have used: EJ BBB and Super/ TGN Super, Finest, Silvertip/ Shavemac/ Vulfix/ other custom brushes/ Omega and Semogue boars)
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