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    Best Cartridge Razor?

    Thread Starter: Mark1966

    I know that there have been some threads on this previously but am looking for an update. When I travel I take a Sensor Excel as I only have carry on luggage. After some years I'm now getting to the end of the supply of carts I got before starting DE and the handle is looking a little tired....

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    New Youtube Shave Channel

    Thread Starter: evansimp

    Hey guys, so for the past few weeks I have had a lot of time on my hands and have constantly been acquiring new shave gear. I thought it would fun be to start making videos discussing some products and giving some reviews! Im not gonna lie, my first video is really rough and long. But this...

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    Best Combinations

    Thread Starter: Sho-Nuff

    With the exception of Proraso, and maybe one or two more, there are very few product lines that I use from pre-shave oil to aftershave during one shave. I instead mix and match different products that I enjoy from different manufacturers. The challenge is always keeping a consistent feel between...

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    How were YOU converted?

    Thread Starter: ohyousooners

    As a sister thread to "How many have you converted?", lets share our own stories of how we were converted. My conversion story: I was a 43 year old long time cart and canned foam shaver. I hated shaving and knew jack about how to shave well. If I could get away with it, I would run around with...

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    Another Omega.

    Thread Starter: Cash_Stronomer

    So let me start by opening it up with a sentence that seems rare here... I'm not a Semogue guy! That being said, I found two wonderful Omega brushes, a 10005, and a 'Bigger' Bambino. The Bambino is ever so slightly too small, but almost perfect, and the 10005 is too large by a fair bit. So, in an...

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    Richard Binder winding down retail sales

    Thread Starter: Rockminer

    I saw this on another site, but it seems legit. According to someone who subscribes to the Binder "NIb Noise" newsletter, Richard posted something to this effect. "As we approach our seventies, we're changing our direction, and this means that we will be gradually discontinuing retail sales."...

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    100 Russian blades PIF

    Thread Starter: T.Orso

    There are many fine Russian blades, and these are among them. I have no complaints with how they shave. Enter the PIF if you are in need of blades and you like these brands and would order more. Have mine instead! 85 Astra Superior Platinum 5 Astra Superior Stainless 5 Voshkod 5 Lada I...

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    Shaving Foams Burn

    Thread Starter: sintro

    Before I started using soaps and creams even the most delicate shaving foams would burn my face. I tried everything from barbasol to nivea sensitive in a can. The longer I left it on my face the more it would burn, leading me to rush shaves. And eventually I went to only water 0.0 Anybody...

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    Pin-up girls from your youth. (Keep it PG, gents)

    Thread Starter: Legion

    I was putting some new films on my want list for the DVD rental club thing which I am a member of. I came across the film Elvira, mistress of the dark. Wow, I had totally forgotten about her, and as a teen in the late eighties, with somewhat goth tendencies, a fair amount of my bedroom wall...

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    Are razors like cars?

    Thread Starter: DrAwkward

    Are razors like cars? Famously, B&B member Bosse, turned down a free British Aristocrat #16 a few years ago. His thinking was essentially that British cars are rubbish (please use an appropriate English accent when reading this word!) while German cars are brilliant. Of course, Bosse...

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